Does It Makes Sense That Samsung Sold a Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished and Cheaper?

Once upon a time a phablet of a very successful family It only lasted a few months in the market, a terminal called to get a large number of sales during the second half of 2016. His name was Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which seemed that it would follow the path of his predecessors, but problems with the battery did it leave discontinued.

As did our colleagues from Engadget Mobile it few hours ago, the Korean manufacturer could return to start sales of Galaxy Note 7, but with one smaller battery (of 3000 or 3200 mAh) and only in emerging markets such as India and Viet Nam. Except for the above and its back cover, the phablet would be exactly the same in all its features.

Why go to sell the Note 7?

Carry out this new put the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 (because It is something that has not been confirmed officially), it would be difficult to know if he would succeed in sales or whether it would be a second failure after what happened the second half of last year. What is unknown is the reason that would have led to Samsung, do so, put back to sale the phablet.

The more realistic reason would be that they would want to get rid of the excess terminals, What would make them recover part of the losses that the phablet has generated and, in addition, would avoid the environmental problems that would be generated by having to get rid of the phone. However, if what you is meant, it would be the most logical formula for part of the money that has lost its coffers again.

The question in this case would be: It is worth investing money in overhauling the Galaxy Note 7 removed? It is clear that only the Korean manufacturer would know the reasons why would put on sale new mobile.

What problems would face the Note 7 again to sell?

If Samsung decides to sell the Note 7 again, it would have faced several problems. The first of them, and which may most affect, perhaps is the of Trust. After the hardships of the past because the terminal could ignite at any time and the nightmare of returning for a part of them, it is understandable that the people be wary.

Despite these fears, which have been able to generate the terminal, some people have resisted returning the Note 7 Despite losing both the warranty and support by the manufacturer, so the phablet still has its public.

Another problem is that it brings a last year hardware, and in fact it does not vary just as the Galaxy S7 Edge (in the first months of 2016) beyond the S-Pen, the Android version, and screen size. Clear, exclusive of the Snapdragon 835 would make that other manufacturers also removed hardware from the last year, and that would play a little in favor of the Samsung phablet.

If Samsung again sell the Note 7, it would be selling a terminal with a hardware of the past year and less battery power, but a good price could help them recover some of their losses.

But it is that besides having the same hardware, would lose some battery by the way for a 5.7-inch screen with resolution QHD mobile, 3200 mAh is a very poor figure. That Yes, in the event that Samsung put an attractive enough price, consegur could an acceptable turnover.

Now comes the moment in which the community can discuss to pleasure, and to the question we are asking is the following: if Samsung would sell the Note 7 with less battery power and at a lower price, You plantearías you buy it or prefer not to take risks?