Fitness Apps In The Test: What Is Good For The Smartphone As A Coach?

You feel rusty and flabby and in time the vexing winter fat is soft again the beautiful season of the year? For this you need the Tony place nor jogging in the pouring rain under curses but supposedly: you can train quite comfortable at home! Because fitness apps promise the necessary motivation and appropriate exercises for your personal training goal is to deliver.
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Experts aboard

Our site has tested how well the home gymnastics with five popular apps work. The tester invested up to 13 euros for app, additional purchases and the monthly subscription fee; as a tool, only free weights were allowed. Two real fitness pros helped in assessing the exercises: Rosario Cassara is the HSV handball men’s Athletics coach who 2013 the Champions League title with a win over FC Barcelona grabbed. The second expert, Moritz Klatten, is a successful personal trainer and a well-known fitness expert with prestigious clients: in the past, he made already fit Bundesliga players like Hayley Arslan and trained Jack Culcay, former European Vice Champion in the middleweight boxing.

Test results: fitness apps for iphone

Not enough incentive and variety

In the fight for health and muscles, the inner pig dog is the biggest enemy. Prevent at all, no thought of lame excuses, apps should on the necessary training remember, cheer, inform about progress and individually creatable plans. Test winner virtuagym offered all of these functions in contrast to the competition: Freeletics and daily exercise had no classification of the workouts aboard. So, it is not clear to the user plans suitable for what level of fitness. A private training alarm was present even in daily training, let down in the test but several times. The 7 minutes apps offer too few exercises and hardly for workout variety. This is due to the training principle of the apps: it is based on scientific studies of the American College of sports medicine (ACSM). Here, researchers have put together 12 exercises that are feasible in seven minutes. For the exercises with high intensity in 30-second intervals with 10-second-intermission performed similar to many circuit training in school. Although this creates a certain base fitness, the lack of variety in the exercises in the long term but also ensures a stagnation of training progress: the muscles get no new training stimulus after a certain time, but the progress curve falls.

Test results: fitness apps for Android

Made for me?

Also of Freeletics is equipped with 35 exercises somewhat thin, but consider at least 35 well-thought-out training plans, personal fitness, and their own goals. But that’s the money: there is the cheapest subscription from 12 euro per month! The cheaper virtuagym brings to 6,99 EUR per month whopping 400 exercises and 48 plans for all kinds of muscle groups and training levels. It also plans you can create, customize to your training goals. Without subscription, however, the competition runs: daily training contains 148 exercises, which also combined on request to own plans. The app explains the exercises all in videos, there are the associated explanation texts but only in English. At the 7-minute-apps there were twelve, at an additional cost at least up to 72 exercises meager. There is no training plans of their own here.

The experts check

Plenty of exercise is good but the training should not end with a lumbago! Despite video – and text declarations, all apps except Freeletics patzten: the few but annoying error can cause a wrong attitude and thus permanent damage in explaining some exercise. Experts consider the reverse triceps press on the Chair, which is part of the 7-minute-apps, even for dangerous. And the level often does not match the information: so 20 pull-ups (virtuagym) are definitely too much for training beginners. Also Freeletics is much too ambitious newcomers to. Pushups upside down in a Handstand on the wall? Sounds like is one of the twelve deeds of Heracles, but also beginners in Freeletics access have an exercise on the. Some of the training plans get even professionals according to Cassara and Klatten in sweat. There is an urgent need for repair. Klatten criticized also the false promise of Freeletics: that muscle-bound athletes give the impression to look only thanks to the app. Without appropriate nutrition, it is difficult to imagine.

Little regard for health

Although the apps have the intention to promote the user physically and fit to make, they are aware of no individual physical characteristics or existing injuries. Problems with the disc, the knee or high blood pressure? No app inquired after that. While it would be relatively simple to provide the various exercises with warnings for certain injuries. The query of the weight had cause no influence on the training plan can serious damage in the test. Who also wants to train a lot, must make sure even occasionally to weigh on his body. The apps doesn’t always afford that. If you neglect so constantly only visually attractive muscles how to train chest or belly and back, that can to postural lead.


That sport is good, did the ancient Greeks and needed no app for this it is still. Who still wants to train with the Smartphone and is somewhat familiar, finds new inspiration by the considerable number of exercises and finished workout plans on virtuagym test winner. In General, you should check the plans in advance as well as test winner: there are exercises that can be too dangerous due to existing injuries? Then rather seek a professional prior to the first practice, ask again and can be the right version of delicate exercises show.