Former Apple Engineer Declared in The Judgment against The Company on The IPod

We continue turning to the judgment against Apple on the monopoly of the iPod. Well, okay, not on the iPod itself, but on policies that took the company that could impede free competition. Rod Schultz, former Apple engineer said this Friday about the project which was integrated within Apple.

The company intended to clear, block any customer that is not iTunes 100 per 100. In such a way that you could not use any other content manager for iPod. And therefore could not be used any music or video online store to provide content to the Apple player.

Rod worked until 2008 in Apple, and was assigned to a project called “Candy”. The intention of this project was that the Firmware on the iPod only accept audio files with DRM from Apple, no other. This occurred between the iPod, manufactured between September 2006 and March 2009, when Apple began to release the contents of your iTunes store DRM.

Rod, under his own desires, It has avoided going into many details about his work at Apple and he was called to testify by the plaintiff (The Real company) against their will. Although it seems to have been a key witness. After this witness and the video of Steve Jobs only subtracts the jury to issue a verdict (now found in discussions).

The Real It demands a compensation of $ 350 million, for the serious damage caused by Apple with this policy. But if it is determined that Apple violated the federal law on the right to competition, this compensation could be even higher.