Get Humble Mobile Bundle 15, with Six Titles of Excellent Quality 

we add two titles to the “premium” range:

  • Bean’s Quest, platform “jumping bean” with retro style
  • The Nightmare Coops, roguelike/turn-based puzzle where you control multiple characters simultaneously

Knows no breaks the charitable activities carried on by Humble Store, the nonprofit agency that offers dozens and dozens of games at affordable prices to help those most in need. A few hours is active the fifteenth chapter of theHumble Mobile Bundle, with six titles from different developers who have earned a considerable popularity in the past.

As we now know very well, the mechanism of the Humble Bundle organizes the offer in two “bands”. The games included in the first, the “base” can be obtained by paying an amount (minimum $ 1); the games of the second, instead, you unlock only by offering more than the average of donations.

This time, the “base” We the hack-n-slash Trouserheart, boxing Simulator from great graphics Real Boxing and the poker game (Texas Hold’em) set in the Wild West Governor of Poker 2. In second grade, however, we find the Strategic Command & Conquer style fun Great Little War Game 2, the strategic/tower defense Tiny Guardians, and the miniature golf game Desert Golf.

As expected, second-tier games will arrive next week, in the classic mid-career upgrade. Note that if you already have unlocked the games group earlier, you’ll also get new ones without having to pay a second time.

As for all the Humble Bundle, remember that it is a system of charity where money received is shared equally among nonprofit agencies, developers and Humble Bundle itself, which obviously has some expenses. Bids must be sent directly from the official site; purchased games will then be available via the app for Android. You can download the APK directly from the link that will provide you with the site upon confirmation of your order.