It Be The Idol 4 Pro The Promised “Super Phone” with Windows 10 of Alcatel?

Lately we speak rather of collaborations between third party manufacturers and Microsoft at the time of launch terminals with 10 Windows as operating system. An example of this is the recently presented VAIO Phone biz in the hands of Sony or the Spanish Funker 5.5 Pro. Another manufacturer joining these is Alcatel, which expected the launch from January of a “super phone”.

At least I dropped Steve Cistulli, Vice-President of Alcatel in the region of North America, which promised that manufacturer had in their plans the launch of several smartphones with Windows 10, among them this “super phone”. And in WMPUser relate to this track with the information they have received from a possible Alcatel Idol Pro 4.

Few tracks, but good

The company already presented devices with the Microsoft operating system at CES 2016, the Fierce XL OneTocuh past and the Pixi 3 tablet. At the moment little information comes to us from What seems to be the launch of Alcatel with Windows 10, but few data suggest that the Idol 4 Pro suggests ways.

Reportedly echoed that in WPMUser, the Idol 4 would have a screen with FullHD resolution (unspecified inches) and incorporated a Snapdragon 820, so was it placed among the strongest teams not only with this operating system at least in terms of processor. Another track that gives hope is the fact that on this occasion Yes support one of the main attractions of Windows 10, Continuum, resource that we don’t have in the recently presented 650 Lumia.

We don’t know if it will be this “super phone”, but at least that moment is filtered, gives the impression that it’s a top that would complete the high-end terminals with Windows 10 next the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and that with a HTC if confirmed the rumors and the Taiwanese they opt for old strategies. It is not known anything about the date or the price, but yes in United States will distribute the handheld from T-Mobile.