Justices of The United States Want to Force a Apple a Which Decode Data from The IPhone

Since Apple introduced in iOS 8 a system of encryption for the data stored in our iOS devices, many have been the voices that have been protesting for this reason. Not for the safety for users, but because the barriers that are put to the authorities in combating crime if they use iOS devices.

These protests may have a final since a Justice of the United States would be willing to forcing Apple to decrypt data from the iPhone. Apparently the Court would have invoked the “All Writs Act”, a federal law of the 18th century, allowing any court to compel a company or person to do something in order to comply with laws.

Although the trial records are sealed it seems that one of the two companies involved in these cases would be Apple, which would be being forced to assist researchers to access encrypted data that are on the device. Now Apple has not made comments, but it seems that from Cupertino could be forced to help the authorities in one way or another.

Until the documents associated with these two judgments are unlocked not know if Apple just collaborating with justice. But everything seems to indicate, unless they put impediments, which from Cupertino will need to collaborate in one way or another. At least if they want to continue to have good relationship with the United States Government.