LG G6 Vs. LG G5: Change of Costume, Focus and Philosophy… So Is The New LG

Nobody can deny them the boys of LG his boldness, and either no one can take away his place among the most innovative manufacturers of the industry. Nothing scares the Korean manufacturer, not even completely change the lines of its most important devices, and the new LG G6 we just know, and that we have also been tested, is one of the best evidence of this.

The Mobile World Congress 2017 It has started and we already have one of the most highlights of the fair between Android smartphones is that this LG G6 He has dared to break with the past for LG to change costume, focus and philosophy recovering the illusion with the news and innovation. How is the new LG?

As the new LG is still innovative and interesting, different lines compared to the rest of the market, although this time listening to a little better to the market and its needs.

That statement is not trivial because LG has had arrests necessary to keep in the drawer the interesting modular concept started with the G5 wearing now to your smartphone more standard bearer for 2017 with an outfit more in keeping with which users have sued in the last financial year. The LG G6 is a less “groundbreaking” smartphone, There is no doubt, but it is also practical and functional, more normal, to adapt chameleon-like way to the needs of the market.

Surely to LG to blaming is many things, but they won’t be or their capacity of innovation, nor his winning attitude, daring to abandon its interesting concept modular to now introduce a G6 LG that stands out, above all, for its ‘normal’.

In fact, we dare say that probably the best smartphone ever created by LG., and we don’t say it with a small mouth. -How much paste can be made you LG G6? -Because not many ladies and gentlemen.

The Korean firm has launched a smartphone with the best technical possibilities of the moment, perhaps clouded by the fall of a Snapdragon 835 which has not arrived on time, but ahead of all the competition in the year of the front exploited to the maximum.

LG G6 is a nice, attractive smartphone built with quality materials and with minimized frames to give prominence to a huge Panel, 5.7 inches, which fits into the size of a Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 7 Plus. LG has been hypothesized for this and rightly so, although we expect that this year all manufacturers point to this exploit the smarpthones full front.

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Like G6, new lines of LG…

It seems lie that the entire market is following Xiaomi and its my Mix, surely if we had said it a while ago no one was it would believe, but the concept of the Chinese manufacturer without doubt marked the culmination of one of the oldest demands of the market.

At last fully exploited fronts are here, and the Korean firm has managed to perfectly fit with a LG G6 which follows the trend, premiering successful noblest range of Android platform in 2017 fulfilling expectations.

Perhaps the countless filtrations removed us a bit of that surprise effect that is always an attraction, but the truth is that We like the new LG and the new lines of LG seem to us to be successful.

Has certainly not been easy to break with an idea and a concept as innovative and interesting as the modular design of the G5, but LG has dared to “pull” the enormous amount of money that will cost to develop the system of modules LG Friends to bet on a radical change, however, it is cooler and probably more suitable to compete with best sellers of the Smartphone market.

LG G5 was a faux pas, a mistake for a brave LG, which has managed to rebuild and submit the ship logo that everyone expected.

In our view, absolute success. Modules seemed not convince anyone even after some time of use, and this LG G6 has convinced nearly everyone at first glance.

LG G6 vs. LG G5, what has changed?

Basically, it changed everything. We abandoned the modular design that just do not convince anyone and We adopt a metal unibody construction more in keeping with what we are used to seeing in the catalogue of Android phones.

Does not change the hardware of high flights, because LG has returned to ride the best that is available right now in the components market, though surely many will criticize not incorporating a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 whereby LG did not want to wait.

It will be better to shoot first or it would have been wiser to wait for the best chipset from Qualcomm? Good question, and while the response should give it LG have a Snapdragon 835 feeling too would not improve the performance in use of the 821 Snapdragon, and in this case always shoot first is best.




DIMENSIONSWEIGHT 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 (mm)163 (g) 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 (mm)159 (g)
SCREEN 5.7 inch FullVision 18:9QHD + 2,880 x 1,440 pixels565 pppDolby Vision and HDR 10 5.3 inch IPS QuantumQHD 2,560 x 1,440 pixels554 ppp
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 821 quad – core CryoAdreno 530 Snapdragon 820 quad – core CryoAdreno 530
MEMORY 32/64 GBMicroSD slot 32 GBMicroSD slot
SOFTWARE 7.0 Android NougatLG UI 7.0 Android NougatLG UI
CAMERAS Rear: Dual 13MP (f/1.8 – 71º | – 125 ° f/2.4), laser O.I.S., AF, LED FlashFront: 5 MP Rear: Dual 16MP (f/1.8) + 8MP (f/2.4), laser O.I.S., AF, LED Flash Front: 8 MP
CONNECTIVITY LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band, 4.2 Bluetooth, NFC, USB type-c v3.1 LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band, 4.2 Bluetooth, NFC, IR, USB type-c port v3.1
BATTERY 3300 mAhLoad fast 3.0 QualcommWireless charging 2800 mAhLoad fast 3.0 Qualcomm
OTHER Metal constructionResistance to water and dustQuad Hi-Fi 32-bit DACFingerprint reader Metal constructionCompatibility with external modulesFingerprint reader

The comparison is very unequal, the LG G5 had been left by the way incompatible with modules basic specifications as a resistance to water that has been standardized in the high range, and already take for made in any pointer smartphone.

In addition, the new design better leverages the capabilities of the terminal, and allows greatly improve your battery up to 3300 mAh, almost 20% more than all will appreciate instead of having to spend much money on a module with higher capacity.

Also LG has spared no in the multimedia section, improving dual camera module incorporating also a chip quad DAC that allows to play sound in high definition and that we had seen in the LG V20.

What has not changed is Android, or the LG UI interface, However Yes it receives a serious facelift to adapt to the never-seen format 18:9 or 2:1 – if you prefer – with features such as ‘Square’ to take advantage of the huge panel allowing to use two complete applications in two square exactly equal.

And to you, surely not surprised you LG with the new G6 which was ‘archifiltrado’, but… do the newest Koreans like as much as to us?

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