LG Nexus 5 x Passes FCC Certification: Confirmed Dimensions

Apparently, Google seems determined to open as soon as sales for the new Nexus range. A device that is undoubtedly the awaited Nexus 5 x has recently arrived at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to obtain the necessary documentation to put up for sale on u.s. soil.

Identified with numbers of models LG-H790 and LG-H791, the first is addressed to operators in USA, the second is dedicated to the international market, the one that will go on sale in our Google Store. Let’s see what are the compatible frequencies for both.

LG-H790 (USA)

  • GSM 850/1900
  • W-CDMA 2/4/5
  • 0/1/10 CDMA
  • 2/4/5/7 LTE/12/13/17/25/26/41

The H791 model uses most of the same bands, but removes support LTE frequencies 12, 13, and 25, however, compared to the Nexus 6 of last year, it looks like there are discrepancies in the management of bands as for carrier USE, a detail that is discussed then and it still does not affect our market.

More interesting instead confirming the size reported by the FCC, 1 46.9 mm height for 72.5 mm wide, 133 mm diagonal, confirm again the display size of 5.2 “, with a battery that obviously will not be removable.

Finally, the evaluation SAR for the model H791 (international version) describes briefly the device as “Wireless Handset Chargers Battery Covers”, not present in the American variant, a sign that for the Nexus 5 x that will be marketed in our country there should be support for wireless charging on the cover, while in the US model may not be present.

LG Nexus 5 x is available online from Carpentry to 209 euro or from ePRICE to 303 euros. The value for money is good. There are 10 best models.