Meaning of Ambient

By | January 15, 2021

Ambience comes from the Latin ambĭens (“that surrounds”). The concept can be used to name air or atmosphere. That is why the environment is the environment that affects living beings and that conditions their life circumstances. For example: “The government announced various restrictive measures to prevent industries from contaminating the environment, ” “The deputy presented a project to clean up the environment in the river basin. ”

The conditions (physical, economic, cultural, etc.) of a place, a group or a time are also known as environment: “I like the atmosphere of this bar”, “The atmosphere is very complicated these days, with a lot of violence and social disintegration “, ” The rise of the caudillo to power can only be understood within the framework of those times, where nationalist and reactionary ideas predominated “.

Another use of environment is linked to the class or social sector: “The bourgeois environments were opposed to the economic progress of the proletariat”, “The student environment is ready to demonstrate in the streets to make their claims heard. ”

Likewise, it must be made clear that the term environment is also used to refer to a specific homosexual place or neighborhood. In this way, for example, there is talk of a nightclub to mention the one in which, as a general rule, gay men and women attend.

Another example of this is Chueca, which is a neighborhood in Madrid that is known throughout the world for being the area of ​​the capital where the most gay, lesbian and transgender venues exist. Tolerance and freedom are the two values ​​that are held as maxims in that place that has become one of the favorite spaces for both homosexuals and non-homosexuals when it comes to having fun.

Similarly, the expressions “good atmosphere” and “bad atmosphere” are used colloquially to refer to the comfort or otherwise that is established in a meeting or even in an establishment. Examples of the use of both would be the following: “We went to the restaurant they recommended to us and there was a very good atmosphere, thanks to healthy and fun people as well as cozy decoration and exquisite food” and “I regret having gathered all our friends because, due to the personal problems between them, a bad environment was created that made us all uncomfortable. ”

All this without forgetting that the adjectival phrase “of environment” is also routinely used to refer to a person who identifies himself as being very hospitable.

In America, the notion of environment is also used to name the rooms or living rooms of a house: “Come with me to the other environment so I can show you the television my father gave me”, “I am looking for a three-room apartment to move before that the baby is born ”, “ This is the warmest environment in the house since it is the only one with a gas stove ”, “ When I became independent, I went to live alone in an apartment in an environment that was above a store of clothes ”.