Meaning of Ambit

By | January 15, 2021

The concept of scope has its origin in the Latin word ambitus and allows to describe the contour or perimeter limit of a site, place, space or territory. The idea of ​​scope, therefore, can be presented as that which refers to the area that is contained or understood within certain limits.

For example: “The teacher told me that you cannot listen to music that loud in this area”, “The scope of the game is limited to those two rooms: the rest is for studying and working”, “This is the perfect environment for rest ”.

It should be noted that the field can also be an ideal space (either symbolic or abstract), which arises from the questions and issues of one or more subjects that are linked to each other: “A similar problem should be addressed in the field of education and not from the judicial point of view “, ” I think your question can be answered from the field of psychiatry “, ” Martin’s proposal was misplaced in this area “.

For computer programming, on the other hand, the scope describes the context of a certain expression or entity framed in a specific program. Thanks to the scope, a variable can be defined with the same name in different parts of the same program.

According to DigoPaul, the ambit or ambitus in music, on the other hand, is one that allows the interval produced in a melody to be individualized between the note that is highest and the one that sounds lowest. The notion, therefore, is associated with the technical language used when mentioning an interpretation or melodic line.

Finally, Ámbito Financiero is an economically oriented newspaper that has been published in Argentina since 1976 and was created by the journalist and economist Julio Ramos. Regarding the editorial line, this newspaper represents the interests of the country’s business sector. In its origins, it manifested a clear criticism of political decisions; until Néstor Kirchner assumed the presidency of the country, at which time the profile of the publisherit ceased to be always critical, to alternate it with numerous praises. Today, unlike the rest of the newspapers that maintain a clear line, Ámbito Financiero is a space where both cheers and fierce criticism of the decisions of the current government can be found.

Literary scope

Everything that is related to the world of books is known as a literary field; it includes editorials, authors and works, that is, everything that concerns the market for letters.

Within this concept there is another related one that is environment, which is linked to the literary universe of each author, that is: their cultural and experience baggage. It includes his birthplace, artistic influences, his childhood experiences, his ideas and ties to a cultural group, etc.

Despite the fact that there are many authors within the same language, the environment of each one is different, especially if they belong to different time-spaces. For example, in America there are five different ways of speaking Spanish, that is to say five limits: Central America and Mexico, Countries of the Caribbean Sea, the Andean zone, the Rioplatense and Chile. And, despite the fact that in all these places the language is the same, the identity of the authors differs according to the region from which they come, being able to find similarities in the work of two writers who come from the same country.