Meaning of Candidate

By | February 13, 2021

From the Latin candidātus, candidate is the person who aspires to access a certain position, honor or dignity. Said candidacy can be proposed by itself or by third parties. For example: “The businessman announced that he will run as a candidate for deputy in the next elections”, “The people’s candidate is Carlos Bianchi”, “The debate ended with insults and cross accusations between the candidates”.

The concept was born in Ancient Rome, when tribunes wore a white robe during their political campaigns to make a good impression on citizens. The word candidātus, therefore, was linked to the person dressed in white and ended up referring to anyone who seeks a position.

Within the workplace it is common to use the term candidate. Specifically, this is used to refer to all those people who come to a company with the clear objective of being able to occupy the position that has been left free or that is now offered because it is necessary to fill it.

In this sense, after various studies and analyzes carried out by specialized entities, the characteristics that the perfect candidate must currently have have been determined:
• Age between 25 and 35 years old.
• Be in possession of a university degree.
• Have degrees that prove their knowledge of languages, especially English.
• Have experience in the sector and in the position you are applying for.
• It is essential that you have computer skills.
• Have total and absolute availability to travel.

Broadly speaking, these seem to be the qualities that companies value the most when hiring a candidate. However, other aspects such as communication skills, initiative, professionalism, responsibility, social skills and total ability to work as a team will also be taken into account.

Although the term can be used in any context, its most common use is in the context of an election process. When the Constitution states that the representatives of the people (president, senators, deputies, governor, etc.) must be elected, the subjects who intend to be chosen present themselves as candidates and broadcast their political programs.

Many are the qualities that every candidate must have to occupy an important political position, and specifically that of the presidency of a country. However, experts in the field agree that inevitably he must be someone who is respectful, a good communicator, a born leader, conciliator, with a remarkable capacity for empathy, tolerant, sincere, with a sense of justice and with the ability to control his impulses and His emotions.

There are several ways to define a candidacy. In representative democracies, access to office occurs through political parties. Candidates must therefore first be chosen by their party and only then can they stand in open elections.

According to DigoPaul, the election of the candidate by his own party, on the other hand, can be carried out directly by some mechanism of the organization or through internal elections (with the participation of members or the general population).