Meaning of Cannula

By | February 13, 2021

A cannula is a small-sized reed. The etymology, in fact, refers us to the Latin word cannŭla, which can be translated as “cañita”.

Therefore, a small tube is called a cannula. These elements are often used in surgical interventions and in various devices in order to introduce or extract a fluid.

In medicine, cannulas can be used in natural openings in the human body or in incisions made during surgery. In certain cases they allow you to breathe in or expel air.

Cannulas are used, for example, in tracheostomies. This procedure involves making an incision in the neck to open the trachea: a cannula is inserted there in order to facilitate the entry of air into the lungs. The tracheostomy, in this way, manages to recover the respiratory function of the patient.

The trachestomy tube or tracheal tube presents a downward curvature that allows, in addition to facilitating breathing, the elimination of secretions.

The arterial cannulae, moreover, are inserted into an artery to extract a blood sample or to measure the pressure. There are also venous cannulas, applied in veins to administer drugs intravenously.

Another cannula that is used in medicine is the oropharyngeal cannula or Guedel cannula. In this case, the tube is used to prevent an unconscious person from choking on their tongue. The cannula ensures that neither the tongue nor the muscles in the area obstruct the passage of air: thus, it favors breathing.

In addition to all that has already been stated, we can highlight another important series of data of interest about cannulas such as these:
-As a general rule, for their use, specifically, for their placement, you need surgical instruments.
-There are one or two ways.
-As for the materials used for its manufacture there are several, among which plastic and rubber stand out.
-Other important types of cannulae are the Magil cannula, which is of the nasopharyngeal type and which aims to prevent a patient from suffering from hypoxia in the postoperative period, or the Jackson cannula. This is used in what are tracheostomies, it is made of metal and has a silver alloy.
-Once the type of cannula to be used with a patient is clear, it is important to take into account the physical characteristics of the patient to choose the one with the appropriate internal diameter.
-When using the nasopharyngeal type, it must be taken into account that it will also be essential to use another series of mechanical elements that are considered basic. We are referring, for example, to screws and also to so-called tongue depressors. Only with the use of these cannulas be used accordingly.
-There are certain vaginal gels that, in the same way, are equipped with cannulas in order to make it easier for women to apply them.