Meaning of Canyon

By | February 13, 2021

In order to know the meaning of the term canyon, it is necessary to proceed previously to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can determine that it is a word that comes from Latin. It is exactly the result of the sum of these two components:
-The noun “canna”, which can be translated as “hollow stem”.
-The suffix “-on”, which is an augmentative.

According to DigoPaul, the term cannon is an augmentative of caño (a tube or conduit). Therefore, a barrel is called a large hollow element. For example: “A criminal tried to flee from a house but got stuck in the chimney barrel”, “Tragedy: a young man died while cleaning the barrel of his shotgun and the gun was accidentally fired”, “For the presentation I will need a video projector cannon ”.

The barrel concept is often used to name the tube through which the projectile of a firearm exits. The artillery piece that allows the firing of projectiles through the use of gunpowder to generate an explosion is also called a cannon.

There are cannons of different types according to their range, power and caliber. In ancient times it was common for cannons to be installed in fortifications and other buildings that were intended to be defended.

Regarding this piece of artillery, it must be stated that the first time it was used was in the 13th century. Specifically, it was in the year 1260 when a hand cannon was used during the famous Battle of Ain Yalut, in the Middle East. In what is Europe, it is considered that the first cannon was used in the 13th century as well, during the Reconquest that took place in the Iberian Peninsula.

In the same way, we can underline that it became a fundamental piece at the military level during the Middle Ages and that it underwent a relevant revolution during the Modern Age. They were also perfected and improved much more during the Contemporary Age, becoming the most deadly weapon during the First World War.

There are numerous cannons that have managed to take center stage for different reasons. We are referring to some such as these:
-The Tigre Canyon, which was the one that tore off the famous Admiral Nelson’s arm in 1797. It is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
-The Mallet Mortar, created in 1857 by Robert Mallert, which is the cannon with the largest caliber explosive projectile: 914 mm.

Canyon, on the other hand, is a geographical feature that is generated by the phenomenon of epigenesis. This process takes place when a river, while running, causes a pass or a gorge in a mountain.

The Colorado Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon, is one of the most famous canyons in the world. It was created by the Colorado River in Arizona, a western North American state. Since 1979 the Grand Canyon has been part of the World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO.

In colloquial language, finally, it is said that something or someone “is a cannon” or “is cannon” when very positive qualities are attributed to her: “That woman is a cannon, I would love to ask her out”, “This beach is cannon ”.