Meaning of Invoice Number Part II

By | June 20, 2021

How do I create a consecutive invoice number?

Basically there are two options: manually or using an online billing program. The latter helps to avoid errors when assigning the invoice numbers, provided the functionality is guaranteed. You should only manually create consecutive numbering if the number ranges used are not too complex and the invoice volume is generally not too high. Otherwise, you can use one of the following options:

· Excel and Word:

Using macros, the use of the programs can be designed in such a way that they automatically integrate a unique and consecutive document number into each document. Experienced users can either integrate this function themselves or find templates that are already programmed so that the document is numbered consecutively.

· Create invoice numbers with Access:

The program has an integrated invoice management. When you create invoices with the program, it automatically assigns a consecutive invoice number.

· Invoice block with consecutive number:

These blocks have a certain number of existing invoice templates that already contain a – for example seven-digit – unique invoice number and are designed consecutively within the block.

· Billing software:

A professional invoicing program usually uses an internal blocking conflict to prevent an invoice number from being assigned twice. As a rule, the easiest way to map individual number ranges is with good invoicing programs. The higher the invoice volume in your own company, the more professional invoicing software is a must.

Other important questions about the invoice number

Do cancellations and credits need invoice numbers?

Both cancellation invoices and credit notes are also subject to the obligations associated with the correct issuance of an invoice. Cancellation invoices are, strictly speaking, corrections of incorrectly issued invoices and, in addition to their own unique number, should also contain a reference to the invoice to be canceled. There are countless templates for cancellation invoices online . Credits are a kind of reverse invoice, a billing credit, and thus also have a unique number.

Is an invoice without an invoice number valid?

If another entrepreneur issues you an invoice without an invoice number for a contractually agreed service, you can usually have a business expense deduction recognized in this way. However, the invoice number is mandatory if you want to claim an input tax deduction from the invoice. Otherwise the tax office does not allow this. Accordingly, in such a case, you should withhold payment for the time being and request a correctly issued invoice from the issuing company so as not to lose your input tax deduction. The exception are tickets and invoices for small amounts under EUR 250 gross. Limited invoice criteria apply to these, including the fact that they do not have to contain an invoice number.

Do incoming invoices have to be numbered?

According to whicheverhealth, the issuing company is solely responsible for assigning the invoice numbers on your incoming invoices. As indicated in the previous question, it is important to have an invoice number in order to protect your input tax deduction. Everything else is beyond your control.

Is the receipt number always the same as the invoice number?

It doesn’t have to be that way. For example, the term “receipt” can also include other documents such as offers or delivery notes in addition to the invoice itself. However, some companies do not have a separate invoice number on an invoice, just a document number. You can regard this as an invoice number within the meaning of the VAT Act. Accordingly, it does not entitle you to withhold the invoice amount and to request a correction by the issuer if an invoice only contains a receipt number.

How do you abbreviate the invoice number?

The following abbreviations are common:
– Rg. Or RG for invoice
– GS for credit
– R.-Nr. or Rg.-No. for invoice number
– billing no. for account number.

What happens if I assign an invoice number twice?

This is of course the worst case that shouldn’t actually happen. Based on Nico’s story, you can see the serious consequences of a non-compliant invoice.

However, it is good if you notice it yourself in good time. If you have already sent the wrong invoices, you should inform the recipients of your mistake, then send them a cancellation invoice and a correct invoice with a unique invoice number. In order to clearly identify the incident in your accounting, all three invoices should be posted, ideally with appropriate text, in order to present the process as transparently as possible. You can correct invoices with incorrect information without having to fear negative consequences. It is important that the auditor does not first notice this. Then – as described at the beginning – in the worst case, there is a risk of additional estimates for sales, additional tax payments and possibly criminal consequences.

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