Meaning of Lover

By | January 15, 2021

Lover is the one who loves. The concept is used to name the things in which love manifests itself. For example: “I am a potato chip lover”, “My brother is a true soccer lover: he can watch three or four games in one day”, “I appreciate the invitation, but I am not a party lover”.

The term of lover also refers to the man and woman who love each other. However, the meaning usually applies to the informal or clandestine couple, that is, that it is not socially recognized. If a man maintains a parallel relationship with a woman who is not his wife, that second woman is said to be his lover: “Luciano got divorced because his family discovered he had a mistress”, “In all the novels, a disgruntled mistress appears”, “A lawyer assures that she was a lover of the writer for two decades”.

Among the most famous lovers in the world are those known as Lovers of Teruel. Halfway between History and Legend is the account of these two young men: Juan Martínez de Marcilla and Isabel Segura, who were completely in love and wanted to marry, but his humble origin and her wealthy family became its main obstacles.

That made him decide to leave the army to get honors and money with which to marry his beloved, but not before warning him that if five years passed and he had not returned, she would rebuild her life. After that time, and seeing that Juan did not return, the girl agreed to marry another man.

But he returned and ran into this event, which made him drop dead. Suffering from what happened, she approached him to kiss him on the deathbed and there she also fell dead before the eyes of those present, who decided to bury them together forever.

In a monogamous relationship, therefore, lover is the person with whom the first partner is cheated. The condition of lover usually refers to a relationship of some stability and permanence, despite the fact that lovers do not live together or show themselves in public. Therefore, a lover does not have any legal status.

In the field of cinema and literature, considering that love and passion are said to move the world, lovers have been inspired many times. Hence, works like these have emerged:
• “Lovers”, a 1991 film by Vicente Aranda that narrates the life of a boy who is between two women: his girlfriend and his lover.
• “The passing lovers”. In 2013 the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar released this film that turns to the relationships established between the passengers of an airplane.

In the nautical world, lover is a thick rope that is secured to the end of a stick or hanger and, provided on the other with a rig, allows you to suspend something with little effort. Lovers have different lengths according to the place where they are installed and the maneuvers for which they are intended.