Meaning of Song

By | February 13, 2021

From the Latin cantio, a song is that which is sung (produces melodious sounds). It is a composition in verse or made in such a way that it can be put into music. The word song also allows to name the set of lyrics and melody that depend on the other to exist, since they were created to be presented at the same time.

It could be said that the music offered by the culture industry is usually structured in songs. Artists, whether soloists or groups, compose songs and record them in different formats. The next step can be to market them through discs or through digital technologies, such as selling through Amazon, iTunes or independently, offering them on their own portal.

On the other hand, songs are the main component of concerts or recitals of popular music. A soloist or a band, when performing live, chooses certain themes to perform in front of their audience. Generally, these events are used to promote new material, and recently published songs are usually interspersed with those already known, to liven up the impact and retain the interest of those who follow the artists for their first work and do not feel comfortable with the changes..

Through fashionable songs it is possible to analyze the portion of society that consumes them, since popular music is the vivid reflection of trends, concerns, and the state of mind of the people at a certain moment of the day. history. In general, it is common for groups to show more interest in social issues, while soloists lean towards love and personal experiences, which give a relatively individualistic approach, although this is not always the case.

Regarding the classifications, there is a very imprecise division that puts Pop music on one side and Rock on the other. Thanks to the flow of information that the Internet offers us, it is increasingly common for different musical genres to be distinguished, since it is incorrect to confuse R&B (Rythm and Blues) with Pop or Soul, as well as Heavy Metal with Rock and Roll.

People tend to have a preference for a series of characteristics that occur only in certain genders. For example, there are those who cannot stand a song if it does not show a certain progression, a growth that takes it from a moderately quiet beginning to a burst, generally characterized by high notes. This need for a climax automatically rules out a large number of styles that aim to produce other sensations in their listeners, either because they focus more on the text or because it has a message that does not merit the aforementioned acrobatics.

In opera, although the most popular pieces are called arias, there are also songs, among many other types of composition.

In ancient times, a song was a poetic composition that could belong to different genres, tones and forms. A deed song or chant was a short poetic composition set to music to be sung or adapted.

In another sense, a series of phrases that are repeated insistently and that end up causing annoyance in the receiver is known as a song: “I’m sick of you always coming back with the same song”, “Again the song of your problems ”.

Finally, we can mention that a song is a pretext or an unfounded piece of news: “Don’t want to convince me with songs, I’ve already discovered the whole truth”, “I swear they aren’t songs, I’m telling you what I’ve seen with my own eyes ”.