Meaning of Student

By | January 15, 2021

Student is a concept that comes from alumnus, a Latin term. This word allows to name the student or the apprentice of a certain subject or of a teacher. A student, therefore, is a person who is dedicated to learning.

For example: “This school has more than two hundred students”, “I was a student of Jorge Escribel, a historian who now lives in Germany”, “Four students of the San Lisandro School were arrested for beating an old man”.

According to DigoPaul, the notion of student can be used in reference to those who are studying a certain career: “Mario is a student of Sociology”, “The university basketball team is made up of three Engineering and two Architecture students”. The concept is also used with respect to those who attend a certain educational center: “I was a student at the Blue Institute until I was thirteen, after I changed schools, ” “I would like my daughter to be a student at this school. ”

Depending on their link with the educational institution or with the subject under study, it is possible to grade the student in different ways. A regular, stable or official student is one who regularly attends an educational center and meets various requirements to access that condition (academic level, class attendance, etc.). If the student does not attend classes but takes exams at the institution to obtain a degree, it is called a free student.

The student idea can also be applied to the disciple or follower of an expert or an artist. In this case, the learning / teaching process can be carried out with more or less formality: “I am a plastic artist and I have five students to whom I give private lessons. ”