Meaning of Work Environment

By | January 15, 2021

Ambience is a term originating from the Latin ambĭens, which means “surrounding”. This notion refers to the environment that surrounds living beings, conditioning their life circumstances. According to DigoPaul, the environment, therefore, is made up of various conditions, both physical, social, cultural and economic.

The work, meanwhile, is the measure of the effort made by people. It is the productive activity that a subject carries out and that is remunerated by means of a salary (which is the price of labor within the labor market).

These two definitions allow us to get closer to the notion of work environment, which is associated with the conditions that are experienced within the work environment. The work environment is made up of all the circumstances that affect activity within an office, a factory, etc.

More and more companies are taking great care that there is a good working environment in them. And is that this is the key for employees to not only perform more but also to get more involved with their tasks, to contribute to the growth of these entities. The result of all this will be an absolute satisfaction for workers and an improvement in business benefits.

Due to the importance of this environment, in many cases, the managers of the entities decide to bet on the hiring of an expert in coaching. This is a discipline that is responsible for analyzing the state, characteristics and problems of work environments in order to find the perfect solutions so that they can be much more satisfactory.

Among the techniques developed by the coaches, workshops, motivational conferences or even various practices stand out. With all this, it is possible to put an end to situations that hinder the good environment, improve worker relations, create solid work teams, raise the self-esteem of employees, pay more attention to the personal needs of each of the members of the business…

The usual thing is to link the work environment to human relationships. If a worker gets along well with his superiors and with his colleagues, he is said to perform in a good work environment, where conflicts and discussions are not frequent. On the other hand, if the worker tends to fight and confront the rest of the people who work in the same environment, the work environment will be bad. For example: “The best thing about working for this company is its work environment: we are like a great group of friends”, “The salary was very good, but the work environment left a lot to be desired”.

Health and safety conditions are also part of the work environment. These types of circumstances are regulated by various laws and agreements that make the relationship between the employer and the employee.

In this sense, it is established that the essential elements of this type that will ensure that the most optimal conditions exist in a job are correct natural and artificial lighting, since it will provide energy to the employees; cleaning, living plants that provide oxygen, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, and color in the environment to stimulate creativity and positivity.

Work Environment