Meitu Continues by The Selfies, Now with a Smartphone with 12 MP Front Camera

It is possible that Meitu (that does not Meizu) you sound of something, and is that a month ago you had how the application of selfies with that name compiled some information which is not needed on other similar apps. Luckily the case turned out to be not as serious as it seemed, at least according to the company.

But Meitu is dedicated not only to the world of apps, but it also makes smartphones. That concerns us here is the Meitu T8, a phone with a slightly different design to others that we can see. Its protagonist, however, is not its physical appearance, but its front camera.

Meitu T8 specifications

This Meitu T8 are known almost all your specifications as well as a design that let each judge for himself. The processor that will make the calculations on this phone is the MediaTek helium 20 X ten core with a frequency of 2.3 GHz. This processor accompany you with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB storage which we do not know if it is expandable.

The mobile screen is 5.2 inches and has FullHD resolution with AMOLED technology. Is the battery that keeps alive to this terminal of 3.580 mAh with support for fast loading, While your software is MEIOS3.5, which is not known in what version of Android is based.

The rear camera is 21 MP with opening f/2.2 and the front is of 12 MP with Aperture f/1.8 and Dual Pixel technology. It is here where found, in addition, optical stabilization, ISP noise reduction and a fill light intelligent not out you selfies too dark or burned by excess of light.

Meitu T8, specifications
Physical dimensions Unspecified170 gr.
Screen 5.2 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor MediaTek helium 20 XDeca-core 2.3 GHz
Graphics processor Mali-T880 MP4
Memory 128 GB
Version 3.5 MEIOS
Connectivity Unspecified
Cameras Rear: 21 MP with Aperture f/2.2Front: 12 MP with Aperture f/1.8, OIS, noise reduction ISP and smart fill light
Battery 3.580 mAh, non-removable
Access to Google Play Unspecified
Starting price About €454

The real star is the camera for selfies

For selfies, purpose when they you highlight this Meitu T8, added an a artificial intelligence of the company that it embellecería the self-portrait. After taking photo, the software would work detecting faces, shades of skin, sex, and age of the people that exist in the photo.

When this is done, the software then apply the improvements that create necessary in the image, such as teeth whitening or eliminate wrinkles, all in real time. The result, according to the manufacturer, are some pictures that improve the appearance of persons to eliminate certain imperfections.

Availability and price of the T8 Meitu

In terms of the availability of the T8 Meitu, is available from today on his official website, while tomorrow it may be purchased through Tmaill, Suning and Its price is of 479 dollars (about €454) and it will only be available in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in the colours gold, blue grey and dazzling diamond.