Microsoft Lumia 640: Solid 5-Inch Price Breaker in the Test

Test verdict: What you should know

The Lumia 640 scores proper pace of work as its predecessor Lumia 630 with a strong display, and for the price. At the same time it irons out its weaknesses: display offers HD resolution, the memory has been doubled and in addition to a LED Flash, there is finally a front-facing camera. The new 8-megapixel main camera convinced only when daylight shooting. Best price on the Internet: 109,48 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro sharp display, well readable in sunlight 5-megapixel front-facing camera good workmanship contra dual SIM only no LTE version available despite 8 GB free memory only 2.9 GB test note of the editorial 2.78 user rating is satisfactory the Lumia 630 (out of 1 reviews) remains one of the most popular Windows phones and a price breaker in the 100 euro class. Now comes the improved successor to Lumia 640 in two versions on the German market: as Lumia 640 dual SIM (EIA 159 euros) and Lumia 640 LTE (179 euros). Media Markt and Saturn sell the Lumia 640 dual SIM currently as special offer for 149 euros. The Lumia is currently 640 LTE test laboratory through its paces, the initial test results, see this article.

The first impression: Design and housing

The Lumia 640 draws on the design of its predecessor Lumia 630: clear, slightly edgy housing with removable upper shells in different colors (black, white, blue, orange). The processing is impeccable, the casing encloses the entire unit fixed. Despite changing tray, nothing creaks. Compared to its predecessor (4.5 inch display) the Lumia 640 has slightly larger (5 inch display), therefore also no longer quite so handy. However, it is still reasonably well with a hand to operate and has a contemporary display. The Cabinet surface is different than at the previous (and different than at the big brother Lumia 640 XL) smooth in all color options.

Irritation: LTE dual SIM deleted?


At the time it is considered fact: who wants dual SIM, do without on LTE. But the new generation of Lumia 640 delivers both. : Not to Germany, apparently that does Dual SIM version only without LTE in the German market. The waiver of the LTE version is incomprehensible, because basically Microsoft dual SIM versions with LTE, which are suitable for the German LTE frequencies produced by each of the two new Lumia devices. The combination of LTE and dual SIM is even considered one of the innovations in the new models and is rarely to be found in the competition.

Video on the subject

Front-facing camera, 5-inch display and ready for Windows phone 10: Microsoft has introduced with the Lumia 640 the successor of Lumia 630. Microsoft Lumia 640: Cheap Smartphone in the check

Lumia 640: 5-inch class


The Lumia 640 offers a 5-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. The display looks sharp, is still legible from the side and is still legible thanks to special display filter despite moderate brightness even in Sunshine (brightness: 369,1 cd/m2). The contrast is 626-1 low – but not unpleasant is striking. The Clear Black introduced by Nokia technology ensures deep black levels.

Lumia 640: Memory and processor

Surprising: The small internal memory of 8 GB is the operating system and the installed apps (DB Navigator, image, Fitbit, payback, Gameloft and more) so decimated, which at the end only 2.91 GB left stay – definitely too little. After all, these apps can also uninstall, if you don’t need them or move on a memory card. Basically, the scarce internal memory that Windows phone is easier to get over, because as soon as a MicroSD card is inserted, most apps can (exception: map data as well as some apps like Whatsapp) without detours are installed directly on the memory card. MicroSD cards can be used up to 128 GB, it is however supplied no. A quad-core processor from Qualcomm with a clocking of 1.2 GHz acts as a motor. That sounds like not much, and in the COMPUTER image-laboratory test are also showed that the operating speed with the touch of 3.09 only is satisfactory. To read an E-Mail or browsing the Internet but always enough and that is more than adequate for casual games.

The Lumia 640: Photos and impressions

38 pictures to the image gallery

Good camera, but slow data transfer


Two cameras on board are a rear with 8 mega pixel resolution and a front-facing camera with 1 Megapixels and wide-angle lens. The main camera shoots in daylight images in decent quality (grade 3.24; Visual Test 3.67), almost at the level of the Galaxy S5 camera. The illumination of the subject as well as the colour and detail reproduction provide no reason for the censure. However, it can happen that the sky in one is represented as a baby blue instead of Navy Blue. The shutter release lag (0.25 seconds) and duration (0.55 seconds) is different than in previous Lumias in order. Another advantage: the new version of the Lumia camera app that was 830 or Lumia 930 so far only on top models such as the Lumia. Particularly clever exploited these four computing cores: while the user already shoot the next photo, some of compute cores in the background be used to optimize and save the previously captured photo. In low light the camera but failed: image noise and seem desaturated, almost like a black and white image (view test rated 5.0). A dynamic Flash should always move the subject into perspective, but not convincingly succeed. Videos are recorded in FullHD and achieved a decent rating (overall rating for the video quality, 3.04; Visual Test 3.50). At the movies, but you should hold the Lumia: Anders as the Phablet variant Lumia 640 XL has the normal Lumia 640 no optical image stabilization.


The replaceable battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh, battery life of 10 hours for a typical smartphone usage is only average but at least an hour longer than when the iPhone 6. Who wants to transfer the pictures to the PC, must muster some patience: the wired data transfer is slow with approximately 10.2 Mbps and who wants to transfer music to your device, see the data at a speed of 2.0 Mbps during creep.


Windows phone 8.1 update 2


The Lumia 640 is delivered with a new version of Windows phone 8.1: Update 2 (or even GDR2, general distribution release 2) supports including Bluetooth keyboards (not mice). The Smartphone can be so on request as a mini laptop of kind of. Unfortunately, the support applies only to text inputs. Arrow keys to navigate or keys have no effect, also the @-Zeichen has failed in the test on two keyboards. A control using the keyboard is not possible therefore (like in iOS). Also the system settings are easier to read and individual settings options can be now on the home screen. Upgraded to Windows phone (Windows mobile 10) 10 in the course of the year.

The large Lumia 640 XL in the practice check

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BILDplus and Office 365 as bonus


Whoever puts to a 640 Lumia, receives three months access to BILDplus, the paid additional offer of image, and saves to 14.97 euros. In addition there are a one-year free subscription of mobile office software Office 365 staff together with 1 terabyte storage in the cloud service OneDrive and 60 free minutes per month at time of purchase until the end of June 2015 Skype unlimited world. Value: 69 euro. To enable the free Office 365, you must install a corresponding Office 365 gift app on the Lumia, log on with its Microsoft ID and will then receive an activation code.

Fitness on board, sound good


Some Nokia Lumia smartphones could include also the steps taken by an update. The Lumia 640 this is possible right out of the box. At the low price that surprised. The selection includes the pre-installed FitBit app, as well as the health & fitness app. The latter are in addition training and nutrition tips. Who wants to hear music training requires headphones first, because Microsoft provides no. The sound from the headphone output is almost faithful to the original, so that good headphones provided nothing in the way is the listening pleasure.

The Lumia 640 compared to the competition


The Lumia 630 was one of the most successful, if not even the most successful Windows phone 2014: despite low price of around 159 euros in price introduction (currently about 100 euro), it offers a high-contrast, sunlight-capable screen, a reasonable pace of work and successful design. In contrast to the entry-level models you have fun 435 and 532 which cover the area under 90 euros with the Lumia 640 in the long term. However, it is annoying that Microsoft offers the dual SIM version in Germany apparently only without LTE. LTE is already included in most contract rates and at many discount stores in the O2 and E-plus network and offers clear advantages for mobile Internet use. In this respect it seems a not very simple decision between dual-SIM and LTE. Anyone looking for a cheap, but robust and easy-to-use Smartphone, should enjoy the good facilities, reasonable speed and good camera.