Movistar 1 GB Free Increases Fusion Rates [Updated]

UPDATE: Movistar will also expand finally 1 GB in your Fusion fare with you and the increase will not be free since [will raise the monthly fee 3 euros at the same time that the fiber becomes symmetric].

Movistar had us prepared a surprise for the end of the year. After several price increases that have hit all the rates through 2015, even without associated improvements that help make up the bad news as it was competition, also become the good news Movistar which adds an extra giga without cost to its two rates Fusion.

And not, It is not a temporary promotion as you might expect at this time. It is an improvement that arrives today to stay and which will benefit both the current with current mergers and new customers.

Thus Movistar equals at the end the 3 GB and unlimited calls Vodafone and Orange have long offering, now finding the main difference in the price which is 9 most expensive euros in Movistar but it includes compulsory television while his rivals offer family packages optionally for 6 and 8 euros respectively. Also have other benefits as roaming included in Vodafone and Orange symmetrical speed.

In terms of Fusion with you, will keep the bonus of 200 minutes (such as Vodafone and in front of 150 orange) but doubles the data until you reach bonus 2 GB staying ahead of the 1.5 GB in Vodafone and Orange. The price is also maintained at 47 euros, 3 euros more than its rivals although television with Canal + and YOMVI Play Pack.

To close the improvements, the additional mobile line with unlimited calling will you 2 to 3 GB keeping the price. Same price as Vodafone while in Orange have it for one euro less though rivals real advantage is in the highest bid for additional lines.

So is the complete range of rates Movistar Fusion