Movistar Points to Christmas Promotions with a Month of The TV Pack Free Premium

At this time, it is very typical that operators make handsome. Subsidies of smartphones that deny almost throughout the year back for Christmas, although in recent years it is also true that the promotions are oriented more to offer improvements or reductions of rates for a particular period.

Thus, we have already seen as Orange bet consisted of providing extra 50% data rates for prepaid customers until January 31, and the bet of Movistar, and it will not, be on TV. Customers that hire this month a merger + will have a month of the Premium pack free.

While customers who have contracted during these months Fusion + have the Premium Extra pack for 9.90 euros a month until the end of the year now struggle with what to do at the end of the promotion, the operator also want to tempt to the new clients who hire Fusion + until January 10.

For this purpose it will offer a month of free Premium pack. Therefore, that to use the promotion You can access series, cinema and sports packages (although the seasons of formula 1 and motorcycle have already completed) and football, In addition to serving recordings in the cloud or the last seven days. The difference with the Premium Extra package (formerly promoted) is that does not include the channels a la carte Playboy TV, hunting and fishing, Classica and Mezzo.

Put the honey on the lips

As with the previous promotion, the technique of Movistar is show clients Movistar + all (or almost all) its contents and functions for a period of time to see if itching and hire them. Until both promotions end user has to take down the package, if you don’t want to pay the 65 euros a month for the Premium Extra or 50 euros per month for the Premium.

The operator knows that your TV has very interesting content for many customers and very useful functions as the last seven days, which gives access to a good emissions of channels in the last week. For this reason, These developments are a showcase, an opportunity so once finished, those who do not want to give up what you have already tried pay the real value of the packages.