Movistar Will Also Sell Mobile Installment to Non-Customers, But with Opening Committee

The sale of mobile operators without any linkage to telephony services-free They provide is another tract to increase the influx in the stores of the public who flees from the stays, allowing selling mobile usually tighter than the official price and in person, essential advantage for those who buy on the internet is not an option since they prefer to have one physical store where to go for any kind of doubts or manage warranties are.

Therefore, facing Christmas, operators have reinforced its commitment by the sale of mobile free in stores such as Vodafone, driving discounts if you give mobile used, Orange which has released a multitude of connected objects shop and in the case of Movistar, facilitates the purchase of smartphones funding them in installments.

Funding to 10 months without permanence

While Movistar contract customers can access funding without commissions in installments of up to 30 months, non-customers also may defer the purchase of smartphones priced at 149 euros or higher in 10 months in Exchange for a fee of 5% You’ll have to pay along with the first monthly fee.

So, if for example we acquire a terminal that costs 280 euros, we can afford in 10 installments of 28 euros a month although the first month fee would increase in other 14 euros by the opening Committee, so that the total amount owed would be 294 EUR.

Within the catalogue of the store Movistar devices will find smartphones like the G8 Huawei for 399 euros with MediaPad T1 Tablet gift, Huawei P8 lite for 249 euros, Aquaris X 5 for 220 euros bq, bq Aquaris M5 for 259 euros, ZTE Pack Blade V6 + ZTE Kis 2 229 euros and mobile high-end as LG G4 for 499 euros, Galaxy S6 from 599 EUR with tablet Galaxy Tab 3 Lite gift or iPhone 6s from 749 euro.

In addition, in our catalog you will find other devices as action cameras, smartwatches, speaker, tablets, smartbands, projectors or televisions. Here the complete catalogue.