MultiROM Arrives to The Xperia Z1 to Let Its Users Where to Have Choice

In recent years MultiROM is becoming one of the favorite tools of advanced Android users who like walk testing one and other ROM on their devices, already that this application allows them to install different alternatives And then choose which of them to start their mobile phones.

Since last September reached the OnePlus One and Xperia Sony Z, now makes its appearance also for the Sony Xperia Z1, so that its users can not only try any cooked version of Android, but it will also take a look at what other operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch they can offer them.

If you are familiar with the processes of rooted your mobile, and not tremble you hand when installing different ROMs, you will find all the installation instructions This program, as well as the way in which you’ll have to use it on their official website of XDA, where passage also will have different links to the source code.