NanoTouch, Touchscreens Transparent Microsoft

Apple It has revolutionized the world of mobile devices with the use of multitouch screens, but the next revolution in this area could come from Microsoft. The Redmond company announced through its Microsoft Research technology NanoTouch.

Electronic devices have been reducing with the passing of the years, trying that its functioning is not affected by the dimensions, the case of the screens is particular, since sometimes they have grown so much that they occupy almost the full device.

If we leave aside the multimedia excuses, we see and touch interfaces such as which uses a iPhone, needs of large workspaces, paradoxically the size of a button on them is bigger than the space occupied by one physical, in part because they are difficult to get some selections with great definition, and because our own finger cover what we aim.

The idea that presents Microsoft with NanoTouch, is a semi transparent of 2.4 inches, and a touch surface on the back of the same size. As we can see in the video, when the user touches the interface from the back, an image of your fingers appears behind the icons on the screen allowing you to interact with them.

According to Microsoft you can define objectives of only 1.8 mm in diameter with NanoTouch, compared to the iPhone that are at least twice that size.

The real interest that I see in the technology is not in the definition, but it makes that our hands not remaining field of vision of the work area, it is more in the video gives himself an idea of touch screens on both sides, and can get an even more complete interaction and original.

Microsoft Research It will present a NanoTouch prototype in collaboration with researchers from the Hasso Plattner Institude of Potsdam (Germany) in the Computer and Human Interaction conference in Boston, Massachusetts (April 2009).