New Leaks about The HTC One M10 Camera, Will Enter in The War’s Opening?

2015 was a good year for the cameras in what refers to the terminal’s upper range. We have seen the level in the different comparative made our colleagues from Engadget, with a first batch which included terminals as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone, HTC One M9 6s Plus, LG G4 Huawei P8 and other more recent that incorporated LG V10, Nexus 6 p and Lumia 950. This year start no less strong, making it difficult to range pads that are out.

In particular, HTC, One M10, we know little. In fact, the “traditional” would have been show on the stand of the company in the recent MWC 2016, of which we spoke just yesterday by the approach to presenting this year dump which is presented as its flagship, the live HTC. Today Phone sand filters some alleged facts which it confirms (as it was thought) as HTC One M10 in relation to the camera that can be mounted, something so unprecedented is in the spotlight within what is expected of the terminal. Will you be at the height of his rivals?

Question of opening

HTC wanted to make history, and made it though probably not exactly as he wished. With the onset of the One M, the M7 One HTC, the Taiwanese company launched ultrapixel, a term which referred to the combination of the three overlapping 4.3-megapixel sensors, with a few pixels of 2 micrometres (higher than the 1.1 and 1.4 micrometer 13 and 8-megapixel cameras respectively).

The theoretical result did not paint anything wrong: larger pixels should be permitted to capture more light (double or triple), obtaining images of higher quality in conditions where lighting would not be favorable (more detail and less noise). However, in practice they obtained images of a just resolution to edit or trim, being below peer as the iPhone 5 terminals as we saw in an in-depth analysis, but in dark Yes highlighted together with the Nokia Lumia 920.

One M7 also already presented a remarkable opening with regard to its rivals (f2.0), matching that of the 920 Lumia and improving of the iPhone 5 (f2.4) among others, something that also causes more light to enter the sensor and allows for greater blurring in macros. Its successor, the HTC One M8 was not wrong with respect to its rivals, keeping f2.0 (and ultrapixeles) as the 930 Lumia and LG G3, improving in this regard to the S5 Galaxy and iPhone 5s among others (with f2.2).

2016 starts strong in terms of cameras with the Galaxy S7 and its f1.7, being more luminous lens of the market

Last year, as we mentioned at the beginning, cameras came up fairly level in general, highlighting the Galaxy S6 and LG G4. For its part the HTC One M9 returning to the megapixel (leaving the ultrapixel for the front) but remained at f2.2 (rather less in comparison to the previous model), while the S6 and the G4 were in older f1.9 and f1.8 openings respectively. Both already have a successor in 2016 and regarding this specific fact LG G5 maintains the f1.8, but the Galaxy S7 exceed its predecessor and existing with the brightest market with f1.7 lens.

Looks at the lens

As with the megapixel sensor, the opening is not everything much less in a camera, as we saw speaking in depth of this parameter in relation to cameras of smartphones. But as the war is already stated the megapixel he calmed down and manufacturers seem to cater to one increasingly open.

According to the filtering that we coded at the beginning of the HTC One M10, camera would be 12 megapixel camera, as well as the S7 or iPhone 6s, with autofocus and one greater than its predecessor opening, staying at f1.9. Thus do not come to the end of his Korean rival, but it would be an evolution with respect to the above, in the absence of seeing if it incorporates image stabilization, dual camera or if it returns or not to the ultrapixeles as it has come to rumors.

Is therefore an interesting year in terms of what these tiny dimensions are able to obtain

Therefore is an interesting year in terms of what these tiny dimensions cameras are able to obtain, with images of more and more quality in the worst conditions and working with surprising speed. We will be vigilant both at the top of range of HTC, which will be to pray until April It seems, as well as to proposals from Apple, Microsoft, OnePlus and other manufacturers.