Nexus 6 p Official: Google Selects Huawei for the New Top Range 2015

Anticipated so large in the last two weeks, Nexus 6 p is now official. We present the first Nexus of history from Huawei, the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones that was chosen by Google to realize the new Nexus series range top. This is the first Google Phone made of aluminum, the first to have a fingerprint reader with the Nexus 5 x and the first with USB Type-C (like Nexus 5 x).

One powerful smartphone, balanced and with the larger battery ever implemented on a Nexus having regard to the 3450mAh available. The hardware is now known and is based on 64-bit 810 Core Snapdragon Octa, 3 GB RAM, 5.7-inch QHD Amoled display and a 12.3 MP back front combined with a 8MP.

  • Display: 5.7 “, 518 PPI WQHD AMOLED
  • Camera: 12.3 MP 8MP Rear/Front (1.55 μM, F 2.0/1.4 μM FF)-final resolution photos of approximately 12.3 MP
  • Processorr: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v 2.1
  • Battery: 3.450 mAh (built-in)
  • Size: 159.4 x 77.8 x 7.3
  • Weight: 178g
  • RAM: 3 GB(LPDDR4)
  • Memory: 32/64/128 GB

Nexus 6 p is thus the best Nexus ever (we wrote) Although is even higher than the Nexus 6-comparison.

Nexus 6 p will be available next week in the US at a price of $ 499 for 32 GB, $ 549 for the version 64GB and $ 649 for 90 days with 128 GB version included Google Play Music and the ability to add $ 69 to extend the guarantee of other 2 years thanks to Nexus Protect, United Kingdom, Korea , Japan and Ireland and later will be marketed through Google Store, operators and retailers in other European markets and beyond.