No, Not BlackBerry Has Said Goodbye to The Physical Keyboard: There Will Be More Smartphones, According to John Chen

As for years, BlackBerry is occupying holders for bleak in recent days news, although today John Chen, CEO of the company does more than blowing about devices with the logo of the same. A few months ago we raised the disappearance of the physical keyboard on the BlackBerry because of the cessation of the Classic, but today John Chen drops that There will be more BlackBerry with physical keyboard.

Although the company has officially left in the hands of others manufacturing devices, CEO talks about the continuity of the physical keyboard in BlackBerry devices that are expected for the next few years, referring to the representative of this property as far as the mark. Thus, within the smartphones that will manufacture of TLC time we see even one that has this feature.

Another will do so, but shall be

We know there are more smartphones with physical keyboard, or at least is that plan, because the enfarizaba John Chen during an interview they did while they review a chronological axis with all devices manufactured by the Canadian company. Arriving in 2018 and the years that still lie ahead, and leaving what yesterday was news of the cessation of the production of hardware, Chen explains that there will be more BlackBerry with physical keyboard because it is one of the hallmarks of the brand.

We have plans for more devices with keyboard like this [pointing to the Passport]. The BlackBerry brand is a strong worldwide brand. People are disappointed if we don’t do it well; they do not forget the brand, because many people was the user in its early days. In this way, when they heard about the keyboard [end], I knew that still want to devices with this.”

The roadmap’s BlackBerry is still a mystery, but after this it seems that the Priv will not be the last company with physical keyboard smartphone, although a third party manufactures. We will see if in 2017 the chronological axis finally is complemented with a TCL with this keyboard.