Nokia CLIPit, a Concept Full of Ideas

A couple of days ago we were announced the winner of the contest organized in Engadget was on divining the future of mobile telephony, specifically in the year 2020, here I will not give anything, nor to give my opinion of what is presented in those days, but if I would like to show you with a concept, which Nokia it thinks that its terminals will be in 2010.

The concept that we see in the pictures has been named as Nokia CLIPit, and created by a team of designers from countries in the Middle East for the Finnish company, he found ideas too futuristic and others that we will soon see in the market, if you are curious step to detail some of its main features:

  • The first thing that draws attention is the replacement of the SIM from the phone directly by our fingerprint, an idea too novel and complicated to carry out, but is grateful for ideas that could improve the general operation of the mobile phone are given.
  • In a similar idea to what could be considered the cloud, CLIPit has all of the information with which it works stored on the web, so it is a terminal that you can access that data, such as our car, another terminal, or home phone. A less innovative idea that I suppose will end up being somewhat normal, Google for example has materialized it with information from contacts in their services.
  • The concept has a touch surface, and another roll that comes out of the phone as a 3-inch screen, it is possible to replace it with a 12 inch screen developed using the same technology, getting the work surface which practically has a current laptop. The developers of this technology are Philips, and we will know it by the name of Lumalive.
  • How to implement the hands-free terminal is also studied, as we can be seen in image the device account with a changeable physical part to place us in the ear device, forgetting any Bluetooth accessory or element added more than their own Nokia CLIPit.
  • The device has some holes that allow you to hang the terminal to carry it comfortably, the style iPod, as if it were a collar. Due to the tiny size of the concept, we can carry it with ease, and thanks to the hitch on the back hold to our clothing to prevent falls.
  • One of the details that have seemed more interesting is to communicate with other devices CLIPit, placing them on the screen that you mentioned earlier, as you can see in the image:

I leave you with names of the designers involved in the concept, Ziba Hemmati, Mohammad Zamani, Mir Kazem khalifezadeh, Rasul Shokrani & Ali Khajuee