Nook HD and HD +, Competing with Amanzon Kindle Fire

With the arrival of the new Amazon Kindle Fire Barnes & Nobles, the main competitor in the market of textbooks in the United States, has had to react quickly with their new tablets. And the truth is that the new Nook they have a very good pint.

There are two new models of Nook. It is of the Nook HD, 7-inch size, and the Nook HD +, 9-inch. Good finishing and attractive prices, and the only downside is that they are not traded (by the usual channels) in Spain.

Nook HD, 7 inch

The Nook HD is the tablet small family, same as Google Nexus 7. Its 7-inch have a spectacular resolution of 1.440 × 900 pixels that beat the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. That Yes, we do not think that you notice the difference in resolution between these tablets.

The forms are very attractive, and will assume that it is to make the reading experience more enjoyable. I can not make it, but what is clear is that it is aesthetically very pleasing. Want to have it between the hands.

Inside we are not left short. It has a processor OMAP 4470 of dual-core 1.3 Ghz and it has 1 GB of RAM. Slightly more powerful than the Kindle Fire, but less than the Nexus 7. The autonomy of the batteries is 10 hours of duration.

The price of the Nook HD is of $199 for the model 8 GB and 229 dollars for the 16 GB model. Prices are very attractive but similar to what we are accustomed in the 7-inch models. The memory can be expanded with microSD cards. They will go on sale in October.

Nook HD +, 9 inch

The second model of Nook is the HD +, with 9 inches which competes directly with the Kindle Fire, 8.9 inch HD. It has a resolution of 1920 × 1280 pixels, spectacular. This has a processor dual-core 1.5 Ghz with 1 GB of RAM.

The price of this model are also attractive. The 16 GB model of the Nook + HD costs $269 and the 32 GB $299. Like the 7 inch model storage can be expanded with microSD memory. It is certainly an attractive model at all.

Android 4.0, but not Google

The problem we have with the Nook is the same as we have with the Kindle Fire. They use Android, but do not belong to the Open Handset Alliance and therefore make a fork of the operating system. It is Android 4.0 but very customized.

They have their own store of content and do not have Google Play. The tablet is designed to consume the contents of B & W, like if you buy a tablet from Amazon. We are, therefore, to an incomplete Android experience.

Personally these tablets seem attractive in appearance, specifications and price, but only buy them me if he could put a pure Android experience. The business model that has B & N is precisely to have hardware cheap and good and sell content, but isn’t the experience I recommend Android. However safe that has its followers and would be nice to be they dare to launch them in Spain.