Now Adobe Flash 10.1 on Windows Mobile, Running on a Toshiba TG01

I have no doubt in deciding that the week’s biggest news is the presentation of version 10.1 of Adobe Flash, the impact on different platforms has been important in yesterday I showed to the Palm Pre as the first device running the player, also saw knew that because of the own Apple, their devices have the ability to run Flash in the form of application , logically prior step for the App Store.

After the presentation there is an initiative formed by the main stakeholders, called Open Screen Project, in it we find companies such as Adobe, Google, Palm, Samsung, Nvidia, Nokia, Motorola, even Antena 3 appears in the list, all have joined the initiative with the aim of improving mobile applications on the network.

In today’s Open Screen Project has decided to show us Flash in a product with operating system Windows Mobile, you remember that you together a WebOS they will be the first to adapt it, the model chosen for the occasion is the T-Mobile TG01.

We had the occasion to analyze on Engadget this terminal recently, with a bittersweet taste, but with a very powerful hardware, account neither more nor less than the chiptset Qualcomm SnapDragon, It seems the ideal platform for a demonstration.

In the video we can see Google Finance in Internet Explorer 6 running graphics made with Flash, fluency is decent owing to the complexity and State of development, but I hope to still improve in this sense, what if you notice improvement is in loading the page, quite quickly.

It is expected that Flash Player 10.1 appears for the Windows Mobile platform in Beta version, and with target developers, before end of the year.