OnePlus One Receives an Unofficial 5.0 Android

Little by little is going being able to lead the long-awaited update to the version 5.0 of Android, known as the Lollipop. And if not thanks that should update it officially, we have always a good community for the mobile more known.

Today, one of those mobile with one community more dedicated to is that of the OnePlus One, one of the best phones that we can find if we get to go through the waiting list. Thanks to the community already we can install Android 5.0 saving the official update.

The work has been thanks to, as it could not be otherwise, of people from the XDA Developers Forum. This version is based on CyanogenMod and not in AOSP, and as it is usual in these cases, failures are expected until after a few weeks.

As usual in these cases, we are not responsible for anything that happens. That and remember to always make a backup should you not like the result, something which typically