Only 15 Euro: Allnet Flat Rate for 12 Months at a Low Price

The new allnet flat by crash contains not only all calls and SMS, but also a generous inclusive volume of 1 gigabyte per month for trips to the mobile Internet. But be careful: the advertised monthly fee of 14.85 euros a month only applies to the first year of the two-year contract. From the 13th month pay users 29,85 per month. Over the entire period, you pay calculated 22,35 Euro. It puts into perspective the special offer: it is certainly not bad just for an allnet Flatrate in the telecom network. But super cheap? Rather not!

Read always the fine print

Not only mobile, but also DSL providers like to advertise in large numbers with very low charges, which are valid for only six or twelve months. Because the contract runs, but usually for two years at some point automatically increases the invoice. Some providers stagger even further and a high discount in the first few months, then it will be only slightly more expensive and no later than in the last year, significantly more ask.

How much is the fare for 24 months?

The mesh is of course not new, so the following tip applies as before: look in the fine print, where the provider in detail must break down what costs are actually incurred. Computing with these data the total off over two years to pay (any port and shipping charges would not forget), and divide it by 24. Just so you can well compare mobile phone tariffs.

For sale: allnet flat from crash

No hidden costs in the calculator

You use the mobile phone tariff calculator by Our site. This immediately shows the effective monthly price. So you see what you really calculated pay over the term of the contract. Offer crash must not shy away from by the way comparing with the other allnet-flats in the Telekom network. Much cheaper you get away, however, if you decide on a provider, which uses the network of O2 and E-plus. Rates of well under 20 euros are available here.