Realism or Too Optimistic? Three Reasons Why Apple Might Be Reassessed by a Billion (With a B) Dollars

Recently, Apple returned to break records. Their actions were over 113 dollars and market capitalisation beating its own brand reaching 670,000 million dollars. But a figure, there is so far a dream of all economists, who begins to rumors for Apple: And if they could have a market capitalization of $ 1 billion?

We avoid confusion: we are not talking about one American trillion, which would be one billion. That is already outnumbered, 670,000 times. We are talking about a zillion, a billion with a B or an American trillion dollars, a one followed by 12 zeros, so historical as improbable capitalization. However, some economists are beginning to see it as a possible scenario.

Possible, but very difficult. Apple already is a giant cost him much reach where you are, and continue to rise at the pace that it has done so far is very complicated. Reaching the value in $ 1,000,000,000,000 bag It would require lots of luck and, of course, much more successful. Let’s see some hypotheses about how I could get it.

Apple Watch should be a revolution

If Apple wants to be the first trillion dollar company, then there is no other: Apple Watch has to raze. It has to be a historical revolution, greater than that of the iPhone and the iPad combined. Users should buy it on a massive scale and thus make way for the revolution of computers on our wrist that would control even aspects of our home.

With a base price of 349 dollars and a maximum that could haunt the thousands of dollars for your model of gold, we ignore what reception will have the clock. At the moment there are eager to try it, though months to make that reality. Months in which many things can happen.

IPhone should continue to grow at the pace of always

This is easy: the iPhone is now Apple’s most important product, and as such its sales should continue to grow at a furious pace if we are to those twelve zeros of market capitalization.

We must conquer new markets, it must convince users of older models, should cover all the demand for a more efficient way and above all: to keep the competition at Bay. Android and its new Lollipop applied tightly, and must not forget Microsoft.

The iPad has to arise again

The Apple tablet is sold and sgue being a leader in its sector, but be careful: already nova as well as before. The use of the iPad stagnates, and all experts agree to review that iOS should adapt more to the big screens. It is an excellent device that may be even more.

How? As with a more complex system, with more options, multiple user profiles, perhaps aided by that rumored “iPad Pro” that has to go out… convertibles like the Microsoft Surface not have been regarded since good eyes from Cupertino, but some say that they could be an inspiration for iPad or even the Mac go in that sense.

That Apple Pay is not as an anecdote

Another thing that could push up the value of Apple as the foam: a massive adoption of Apple Pay. That everyone adopt it, in so many countries of the world as it is. That become the basis gradually users think the iPhone or Apple Watch as a method of payment default. The niche here is simply colossal.

iTunes must be reborn, and not only from its musical part

The final note: iTunes has revolutionized the music market a few years ago, but now iTunes Store loses sales. Fortunately, the purchase of Beats makes us return to hope with a streaming service musical that could return to Apple to number one and unseat the King of Spotify subscriptions.

If Apple wants to be valued at a billion dollars, you have to be the leader in the music market. And in addition, in the movies and series. People no longer think of iTunes when you think to hear or see something. Now what comes to mind is Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Wuaki. Reverse that requires much work and convince many people industry.