Resume Meaning

By | June 12, 2022

Curriculum vitæ (or curriculum vitae, in Spanish) is a Latin concept that means “career of life”. It arose in opposition and by analogy to cursus honorum, which was used to name the professional career of Roman magistrates. As a way of simplifying the concept, only the term “curriculum” or “curriculum ” is usually used . Even the abbreviation CV can be used.

Currently, the word curriculum allows us to refer to the set of experiences of a subject, including work, educational and experiential ones. The curriculum is an almost inescapable requirement when applying for a job.

The resume summarizes a person’s career path.

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Resume types

It could be said that each person has their own style when preparing their resume, although specialists advise respecting certain guidelines so that the potential employer has simplified access to information.

There are three main types of resume when it comes to organizing data: chronological (orders employment information from the oldest job to the present; it is not recommended for those who have changed jobs frequently), reverse (highlights work experience most recent, ideal for those looking for a new job that maintains a relationship with the current one) and thematic (organizes the information by thematic blocks, a useful option for those who have experience in very diverse fields).

When hiring an employee, it is common for companies to analyze different resumes.

Essential information

However, although there are three major resume models, all of them must include a series of essential and common sections. Thus, among these would be the personal data that is included in the header and that must include the name and surname of the person in question, their address, age and marital status, telephone number and also their email address..

In the same way, and regardless of the order in which they are established, the curriculum vitae is also mandatory to include what is regulated training, that is, the studies carried out as well as the complementary training, which refers to the entire set of courses that the candidate in question has also taken to reinforce the officers.

Your language level, your computer skills and, how could it be otherwise, your work experience are the other sections that must inevitably be included in any CV in order to get the company you are going to be interested in, interview the person and he/she has the possibility of accessing the job for which he/she opts.

Standardized resumes

In addition to these personal styles, there are also standardized curricula that are established by official institutions. At a European level, for example, there is the Europass CV, while the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) currently promotes the Normalized R&D Curriculum Vitae (CVN) project.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that in recent years technologies have come to the fore of preparing a resume. So much so that many people have chosen to advance in this matter and make a video curriculum that, as its name suggests, is an audiovisual file where it is the candidate himself who discloses all the relevant data about his person, training and experience.