Rotterdam, Netherlands

By | November 20, 2022

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the country and the largest port in Europe, which from 1962 to 2004. was also the busiest in the world (then Shanghai intercepted this title). It is often called the city of architecture – several square kilometers in the center of Rotterdam are built up with the most modern and futuristic buildings of the 20th century imaginable. In addition, the city is full of interesting museums, and 7 original Dutch windmills are still preserved here. For Netherlands climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

In principle, in Rotterdam there is a lot of everything that comes to mind when thinking about city recreation and not only: water sports – please (there are 4 large lakes in the city); shopping – for health (2 pedestrian shopping areas and about a dozen open markets); evening and night life – as much as you like and for every taste (including clubs where all the musical directions in the world play, and coffee shops). And Rotterdam Zoo is generally one of the most popular destinations for a day trip to the Netherlands. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the atmosphere of the city, which is quite different from others in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the most densely packed with migrants: there are about 25% of Muslims here. Accordingly, there is a lot of noise, hubbub, optimistic hopes and ambitions, and not very much traditional European tact. What a variety is very good!

How to get to Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a small airport with flights from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and England. From the airport, the city center can be reached by bus number 33, which goes to Rotterdam Centraal Station (journey time 20 minutes) and bus number 42, which goes to Schiedam Centrum and the railway station (on weekdays), and also to the railway /d station Rotterdam Noord (daily).

In Rotterdam, trains arrive at Rotterdam Centraal Station not only from all over the country (for example, from Amsterdam, travel time 50 minutes), but also from Belgium and France. Most often – high-speed trains from Antwerp (Antwerpen-Berchem station, travel time 1 hour), Brussels (1 hour 41 minutes, departure from Brussels Midi station) and Paris (3 hours 11 minutes, departs from Paris Nord station).

From here it is also easy to get to Delft, Leiden, The Hague, Utrecht and other cities in the country.

And from the United Kingdom, you can even take a trip by ferry. There are daily P&O Ferries from Kingston upon Hill (buses run from the pier to the city centre) and the StenaLine from Garvik to Hoek van Holland, which is connected to Rotterdam by rail (journey time 30 minutes).


The public transport system in Rotterdam is very well organized. The city has two metro lines: Erasmuslijn (blue) and Calandlijn (red). They connect at the Beurs station – the only place where you can “change the line”. Trains run at intervals of 10 minutes, travel time from station to station is no more than 4 minutes, operating hours: 5:30-0:00.

In addition, the city has an extensive network of trams (8 lines). All of them, except for line 2, stop at the main railway station. At each stop there is a detailed map with all routes and stops, conductors work, the traffic interval is about 10 minutes.

Revelers and party-goers are brought home by two night buses: BOB-bus, which runs on Fridays and Saturdays, and Nachtnet, which runs on all other nights. The ticket is purchased from the driver.

And, of course, a taxi, which can be ordered by phone (for example, Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale: +31 (10) 462 60 60 or Coöperatieve Taxi Onderneming: +31 (10) 425 70 00). The minimum fare – 7.50 EUR – includes the first 2 kilometers and landing. Each next kilometer will cost 2.40 EUR. And since Rotterdam is a city built on islands, there is also a water taxi (Watertaxi Rotterdam: +31 (10) 403 03 03).

Surprisingly, the fact is that in Rotterdam there is a tuk-tuk (three-wheeled open moto-bike with a sidecar) – a great alternative to a taxi. The fare depends on the zone: within one zone for one – 4 EUR, for two – 5.50 EUR, for three – 7 EUR. For each next zone, add 4EUR. Moreover, tuk-tuk can be ordered in advance (around the clock).

Bicycle rental in Rotterdam

Like every other city in Holland, Rotterdam is very friendly to cyclists. Cycling around the city center is perhaps the most convenient and fastest way to get to your destination. There are not only special paths, but also separate traffic lights, which are intended exclusively for cyclists.

You can rent a bike near the main railway station (Schaatsbaan, 41-45). The only nuance that every enthusiastic Russian who remembers his childhood on a bicycle should remember is not to forget to “tie” his two-wheeled friend in order to avoid theft (a padlock with a digital code is always given when renting).

  • Rotterdam map

The beaches of Rotterdam

In summer, along the river, in Rotterdam, a city beach is set up. As usual, in the town of Boompjes quay (Leuvehaven metro station) is a good place to sunbathe, hang out in the evening, but it should not be regarded as a real beach.

A good beach can be found half an hour away by train, in Hoek van Holland. Trains depart from the main station every half an hour, you need to get off at the Hoek van Holland Strand stop (strand is Dutch for “beach”).

Entertainment and attractions of Rotterdam

In the center of the city, near the Maritime Museum of Prince Hendrik, there is a bronze monument “Scream” in memory of the old city destroyed by the Nazis. Nearby are the Historical Museum in the palace of the 17th century. and the Kunsthal building. You can visit the city’s St. Laurentskerk Cathedral with a monument to Erasmus of Rotterdam erected in front of it, as well as the country’s largest town hall, a monument to Peter I on the banks of the Meuse, a post office and a stock exchange.

Nightlife in Rotterdam is diverse, each subculture has its own corner, in which it “comes off to the fullest.” Oude Haven (Old Harbor) is located near the Blaak market square – future lawyers, economists and businessmen rest here. All cafes and restaurants are located around the bay, which in the evening reflects every light and sign – a very pretty sight.

The busiest bar area is the Eendrachtsplein/Nieuwe Binnenweg. Friendly, easily accessible, full of people place. It is worth taking a closer look at the Stalles, Parket or Rotown cafes, where writers, musicians and students of design schools relax. The road down Nieuwe Binnenweg leads to Café Ari and Westerpaviljoen (a large cafe with the best outdoor terrace in town) – a great place to start the evening.

Other places of interest are Jazz Cafe Dizzy (good beer and music), De Witte Aap, Mondriaan, Bar P and De Schouw. In search of loud music, it is worth walking to the place de Baroeg – heavy metal every evening.

Rotterdam has some of the best discos in the country, but it will be difficult to find them without the help of locals. An approximate landmark is Delftsestraat or Stadhuisplein (both are located near the Stadhuis metro station). But here’s what to look for: the Now&Wow disco at Maashaven Metro Station.

Coffeeshops in Rotterdam

As elsewhere in Holland, smoking cannabis is not prohibited in Rotterdam, and besides, it is much cheaper than in the “promoted” Amsterdam. A few things to remember firmly – smoking is prohibited in public places, even simple nicotine cigarettes; in no case can you export cannabis outside the country; The Ministry of Health warns that smoking is dangerous to health.

A few good coffeeshops:

  • De lachende paus (Nieuwe Binnenweg) – more than 40 varieties of joint, prices are a little high, but they say it’s worth it
  • Pluto (Nieuwe Binnenweg, 139a), where you can not only relax, but also buy accessories – bongs, etc.
  • Bambu (Bergweg) – good quality at a reasonable price
  • The Pool (Westersingel, 5), where you can not only smoke, but also play American pool
  • Nemo (Nieuwe Binnenweg), unlike other establishments of this kind, is light and bright, with large windows. The walls are decorated with scenes from the Disney cartoon Nemo. Nice place for those who are looking for something easy

Rotterdam, Netherlands