Samsung Displays (Randomly) Galaxy S7 Edge Before Its Presentation

Imagine you are a great world famous company which are on their way to launch a new groundbreaking product. Yes, it may be a little hard to keep all information about the product’s secret, since we live in the 21st century. century and in the internet era, but we could try, no? It seems Samsung is not, because the company has published a short film about the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a week before the presentation. Let’s check what it is about.


Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof And Get The Wireless Charging?

The film shows the Indonesian Archer Dellie Threesyadinda, which uses an unknown Samsung-mobile while she rehearses, jogging, and trainer, and even if the whole movie is in Indonesian, we can see some new specifications that will be presented along with the phone. For example, we can see that phone survives a heavily rainy weather without any problems, and it means that the phone will be waterproof, but it is not described in the text, it says during the film: “this product is not waterproof, and therefore it must not be exposed to water/liquid”. We have to admit that it confused Samsung-fans around the world, and why do you think that it is perhaps the new Galaxy S7 Edge. The other thing we can see on the film is that the phone charger wired – and therefore believe that it supports Wireless charging. Can it be that Samsung will be launching a brand new model, even if the phone from the movie similar to Galaxy 6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus much? We have heard that the Galaxy 7 is similar to the two models, and not get another design. But if you compare the models from the image below, then you can also see that there are differences and that is why we are all a little confused!


The New Samsung Model


When the movie ends with a situation where Threesyadinda wins a gold medal at a stadium, and her mother in the stands takes a picture of her, we assume that the phone gets a fantastic main camera.


We find out more at the Mobile World Congress (d). 21. February, where Samsung is planning to present Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models.