Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Seen in Its Final and Most Powerful Version

We met her in Barcelona. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 It is presented as a combination between a tablet and the original Note. Or what is the same, the possibility of drawing and using the pen as one tool. Since then, the tablet has gone through the Korean workshops to make more powerful and with more features.

We find the main change in its interior. We have gone from having a dual core processor to a Quad at a speed of 1, 4 GHz. At his side, 2GB instead of 1 as had the original model. In short, a specification of luxury for a tablet that wants to make a difference with your applications.

The display in this case dispenses with the classical Samsung’s AMOLED to bet by the With a size of 10.1 inches LCD and a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. The tabletse thickness remains though it has slightly increased width to accommodate the S-Pen, the pen with which you can draw and take notes. This increase in space is also used to host two speakers front stereo.

The internal memory will come in three configurations: 16, 31 and 64 GB. In addition, as in previous tablets we can choose if we want only WiFi or 3 G also, with its subsequent price increase. The battery of 7000 mAh We will guarantee hours of autonomy.

A tablet for note-taking and leverage its power

Although its technical specifications are more than notable there is something that stands out above the hardware: your applications. With S-Pen we can not only take notes but that we can also do it to, for example, we see a page on the Internet. All this is possible thanks to the multi-display function It allows us to have two applications open at the same time.

The Notes application will return with several templates as already in the Galaxy Note. Will now also allow the recognition of strokes and also formulas. I.e., we can write functions or equations with S-Pen and later the tablet will make them. This is done, we can use Wolfram Alpha to resolve them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, price and availability

The tablet will come along this month or early September. At the moment the Korean company has not completed a concrete date nor the price of the different models and their respective accessories.