Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6: Filtered Their Possible Release Dates

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn from the market by the problems with the batteries already knew that I was going to have consequences and the main was the delay of the duo Samsung Galaxy S8, a fact that its competitors have tried to take advantage of, mostly LG, that according to the latest rumors us It will bring the LG G6 much before the rival.

Although they are without the precious Snapdragon 835, LG, its main competitor in Korea of the South and the rest of the world, he takes full advantage with his LG G6, which reach stores on March 10. On the other hand, Samsung would delay the arrival of the duo Galaxy S8 until April 21.

More than 40 days of difference, would be noticed in sales?

Recreation of the possible design of the S8 Galaxy based on rumors

This year there will be a great absence at the Mobile World Congress, and is that Samsung has already confirmed that its mobile star will not reach this important event where traditionally have earlier models been presented. Instead, the protagonist of the Unpacked event would be the Tablet Galaxy Tab S3, the S8 Galaxy will have to wait.

How long? At the moment there is nothing confirmed officially, but according to a report released by the Middle Korean ET News, Samsung Galaxy S8 duo not reach stores until day 21 of April and I would do it on a global basis, without the usual week of advantage for South Korea. On his presentation talking about March 29.

For his part, LG will take advantage of the absence of the flagship of his rival so LG G6 gain more prominence, because Yes, LG G6 Yes arrives at the Mobile World Congress. His presentation will be this same day Sunday 26 February and, according to the latest information, will be in stores from all over the world as soon as the next March 10, preceded by a period of reservations that would go from 2 to 9 March.

We are talking about a difference of 42 days between the launch of both terminals, with a clear advantage for LG that usually used to offer their new high end later than Samsung. It’s a fairly loose advantage, but now it remains to be seen if it translates into an advantage in the face of sales. Although most late, there is no doubt that the interest in the Samsung Galaxy S8 remains very high.