Sinergy, The Secret Weapon of Palm

One of the things that at first glance more like the future Palm Pre and your operating system is”Sinergy”. The integration of data of Sinergy, can become true smartphones our simple smartphones.

Sinergy can, for example, (mix) information from an Exchange Server, with data from our agenda of contacts or Facebook account. The information It avoids duplicates and merges, so although we are seeing the work schedule, Sinergy will prevent that we can schedule an appointment at the same time that we have a family reunion.

Although Sinergy in the Palm Pre sounds pretty good, its power can be demonstrated when they begin to emerge third-party applications which make use of this feature. Take for example, Shopsavvy, an Android application that allows to scan a bar code and get a comparison of prices of online stores and shops near to where we are.

Now imagine Shopsavvy using Sinergy. In the shows that we have seen, the Palm Pre can follow your situation and alert you automatically a meeting so that you do not arrive late. With Sinergy, you can also locate stores near you. You can check your gift list at Amazon, artists you mentioned on Facebook or the music you hear on Last.FM. Sinergy can turn off the GPS, and thus saving battery, if the calendar says you’re in a meeting.

The terminal “knows” what we like, Since the MP3 we have stored in it to the videos that we discussed in the social network. This knowledge combined with intelligent location and connections to a server, resulting in your mobile phone knows when you have time to buy, have stores closer and which offer the best prices on the products that you like.

Sinergy potential is huge, you may the real weapon for secret of Palm. All of the examples that we have mentioned you can do today with a smartphone. We can search shops in Google, compare prices in your browser, check the calendar and set alarms, etc. With Sinergy, these tasks are not an isolated work, and what is best, mobile can automate them, it can work for us. I personally feel a little bit of respect, concern. Is it possible that this unprepared mentally for really smart mobile site.