Smartphone Manufacturer Xiaomi: The Copied Generic

Line celebrates its fifth birthday Xiaomi and wooing with predatory pricing to attract of the customers. The entry-level model of its Smartphone series is already for converted to 74 euros; in the meantime, Xiaomi produces also tvs, tablets, and more. Almost every month brings new devices on the market the company and celebrates huge successes. However, the generic also attract…

In five years to a global brand
Xiaomi, succeeded in what experts thought was impossible: the 2010 based company is in the highly competitive Smartphone business climbed to the market leader in China and today even among the five biggest Smartphone providers worldwide. The beginnings of the company were more likely suspect: Xiaomi has become so great, because it has successfully copied the Apple brand, says Jost Wübbeke by the Mercator Institute of China studies of the German press agency in Beijing. But now the former Copier has built up an own image. Xiaomi’s chic no longer because it mimics Apple, but because it is Xiaomi.

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China technology which copied Copier
the dark side of success: now copper many competitors the products of the former vigilante itself off, to make on the rise. The copies put Xiaomi under pressure, China researcher Wübbeke says the Beijing company become the victim of its own success. The copier is copied. But piracy is not a problem especially by Xiaomi. Smartphone fakes are widely used in China, says Wübbeke.

Fakes in German shops
admits a Xiaomi spokeswoman on request: there are many fake Xiaomi products on the market in China and abroad. Especially explosive: Fake Xiaomi products have already reached markets such as Germany, where the originals are not available! As a shipping merchant advertises on its German website for the mobile Mi4 by no.1 manufacturer. 1 for 119.99 euros with delivery from Germany. The device looks confusingly similar to the Smartphone Mi4 of Xiaomi, costs but only about half and offers less performance. Thereby, Xiaomi has not even begun to sell his own Mi4 in Germany.

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51 mobile phones the main new units poor chances in Europe
as Chinese mobile phone manufacturer’s Xiaomi already on the European market not easy, says Wübbeke. When the debates about the credibility of Xiaomi not to the positive contact, then it will be out with Xiaomis Europe expansion even before it has begun. For the company, it will be so important to improve substantially its reputation.

Whether it works? After all, an example is known from the history: so German businesses had flooded at the end of the 19th century the British market with cheap, incorrectly declared copies of knives, scissors or razors made in Germany which led to the introduction of the seal. It was originally to warn consumers against defective goods determined, evolved in the course of time however a hallmark for quality and durability. Germany exported more high quality goods and put on competition through quality… Xiaomi acquires a similar reputation, the company has still a long way to go. (With the dpa material.)