Smartphone Wirelessly Download: So Works for Galaxy, Nexus, Lumia

Smartphones are power guzzlers. Many owners put their cell phones so often how to the power cable. Annoying. There is an alternative via wireless charging technology. Simply putting the phone on a special charging cradle and already the battery fills up. You know the principle of the induction cooker or electric toothbrushes: in the back of the Smartphone, as well as in the charging cradle plug electric coils. These are directly above each other, electrical energy flows.

These smartphones are fit for the Wireless charging

Smartphones with Wireless charging technology the first Smartphone with Wireless charging technology 2009 was the Palm Pre. Then the technique at smartphones had been almost forgotten, until Nokia it 2012 with the Lumia 920 back to life. The current flagships of Lumia 830 and 930 Lumia apply the technique in itself. Samsung builds the Wireless charging technology in his brand new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge and brings even IKEA furniture with integrated wireless charger in stores, the subject starts through may now properly. Smartphones with Wireless charging function is available in almost all price ranges, it starts from approximately 200 euro. Factory, currently mainly Lumia, Google-nexus and better LG smartphones are already fit for Wireless charging. Many Galaxy – and Lumia models are also already prepared for Wireless charging and can be easily retrofitted. To see which smartphone you are upgrading with the accessories, in the overview.

These chargers work wireless

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The technique works with all manufacturers?

Yes. However, charging cradle as well as Smartphone to use same default. Virtually all smartphones set to the Qi standard. As a Nokia charger feeds including a Smartphone by Google with current and vice versa. That could change in the future. Because in the United States, some companies such as Starbucks, HTC and blackberry set to the competing standard power matters, which is incompatible with the Qi-charging technology. Clever: understand the new S6 and S6 edge Qi as well as PMA standard. The Rezence technique of the Alliance of for wireless power (A4WP) is innovative: while it should be no longer necessary, that Smartphone and charging cradle right top of each other and you want to download multiple devices at the same time it can be. The next generation of the Qi standard also supports the resonance technology. Should new charging cradles but compatible to current devices remain.

Video: Wireless charging

Put just the phone and it will load. Learn how at the Galaxy S4, what does it cost and what are the pros and cons. Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly download so s goes

There are also disadvantages?

Yes. Wireless charging takes a bit longer and not quite as effective as normal charging cable what is also apparent is that the back cover load becomes warm. The power consumption in the household increases so might be minimal. After all: High quality Chargers consume as well as no electricity at the (fully charged) mobile at least approximately 1.5 Watts in sleep mode. Currently researches the industry on ways to improve the effectiveness of the Wireless charging. It uses a wireless charger in the car, the Smartphone with simultaneous continuous operation of the Navi app can become very hot. And in rare cases, the charging current has not been sufficient to compensate for the power consumption in navigation.

Wireless charging technology has a future?

Yes, as long as the industry on a standard agreed. Many industries are counting on. So chains such as Starbucks are working to integrate wireless technology into tables or Chair armrests, designers design pieces of furniture with hidden built-in charging technology. In both cases you might consider just his cell phone on the table, to download it.

Bedside table with Wireless charging mat homemade

You do not have to wait until every piece of furniture from the factory with wireless charger is listed. Wireless charging slots in its own integrate with some guts to the crafts virtually invisible in furniture: how to his dessert in a simple way as remodels, show about the youtube video by Matthias Burling. And yet by 2015 to Wireless charging technology in the car hold concrete at Mercedes,: then it is enough to create a Smartphone or headset, where it recharges itself on the center console or in the glove compartment.