So Are The First Exclusive Apps for IOS Created by Apple and IBM

When Apple and IBM they announced their Alliance to transform mobility into the company not joked to ensure they were going to develop more than 100 really specific and unique business solutions for iPhone and iPad. The first wave, as they describe it, is formed by ten apps and as we will see below, they cover specific needs of banking, trade, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, airlines and public administration.

That Yes, you will not find apps from IBM MobileFirst for iOS in the App Store. They are distributed in a secure environment, “integrated analytics and linked to the key processes of the company”. They are something like base models that can be adapted to the specific needs of the companies that hire them next to IBM services and AppleCare technical support for Enterprise.

Travel and transport


Directed to the flight attendants, this tool allows crew to provide a service customized for each passenger during the flight, including special offers, reservation of flights and baggage information. In addition, the app is able to anticipate how it will affect a possible delay to VIP passengers connections to recommend alternatives and even send them your tickets by email add new reserves to Passbook.


It provides access to registration systems to estimate more accurately the fuel necessary for their next flights pilots. Apple and IBM claim that with this app, pilots can make informed decisions that will lead to significant savings in the excess fuel and its associated costs; no nonsense if we bear in mind that we are talking about the biggest expense for any airline.

The app also allows pilots refer to schedules, routes and flight in advance plan, as well as report problems during the flight to the ground staff and know the weather information and traffic from the airport. Almost nothing.

Banking and financial services


Approaching the banks clients with small businesses to make, regardless of the reason for the appointment, the banker at your fingertips in a second all relevant information of the account: profiles, financial and credit data and competitive analysis… All figures are crossed and processed in real time to make possible a more personal advice.


Under a simple and intuitive interface we find a system for quick access to a robust set of financial information available on demand. A sophisticated tool for portfolio modeling that uses predictive field analysis, so the Advisory can meet your customers anywhere and still perform both simulations and secure transactions.



Here’s an interesting use of technology iBeacon: Locate and identify customers in your own store to help with recommendations based on your previous purchases, check stock, locate items and shipping goods from the shop. Something like Amazon recommendations but moved to physical stores.


With this app sales managers can access in real time to information about the products that you need to provide to its clients, including their location and availability. And does not refer to a simple description, but a map of the store also iBeacon-based, so that both the seller and the customer wins with a faster processing of orders.



The name says it all: help insurance agents keep their customers in a more easy way. With this app you can access history and profiles of clients, with risk ratings, alerts, reminders and smart recommendations on how to proceed in each situation. It also allows contact with customers and perform operations such as collecting premium and electronic signatures.



One hundred percent focused on telecom companies technicians, Yes, those with as good a reputation for being punctual. The app allows them to choose a vehicle and the inventory they need to leave, and already en route, using traffic information to help them plan a more optimal route that before reaching customers. Finally, the field provides technical information, Diagnostics, and video tutorials, and if the technician still need help from a more experienced colleague, you can request real time connection FaceTime with him.

Public administration


With considerable order to transform the way in which social workers carry their cases, this app is reduce your workload by replacing the traditional paperwork with an intelligent system with all the relevant information of each family or situation. The app assigns priorities to cases based on an analysis in real-time and evaluates risks according to predictive analysis.


Last but not least, this iPhone app addresses the needs of another important area of public services: the forces of the order. Police officers equipped with her can receive notifications of crimes and access real-time maps and videos of the scene, information on the status of the victims, notices of risks and criminal histories. It also allows to request reinforcements or support services in the best way with a bird’s eye view that puts every element of the situation on the map.

Not bad for six months of work, do not you think?