Symmetry Movistar Fiber Will Reach in February, But with The Rise in Price Included

Last September Movistar gave us several news in a single day. Became the first tracks of what has become Screen Fusion, decoder with Movistar + screen, also met the deployment of fiber to the next five years (now called into question) and plan the future arrival of symmetry to the fiber of the operator.

And as it has developed ADSLZone that symmetry will arrive next month of February to 300 megs connections, which they would multiply 10 by your upload speed to reach the 300 megs. Now, as we already suspected since we met the intentions of Movistar, this improvement will also bring with it a rise in fees.

Starting from the month of February both fibre connections of Movistar, currently with 30 MB down and rise the bottom 3 and 300 megs of descent and ascent 30, will match the speed of descent and ascent, but there are other changes: price. All types of Fusion will rise 3 euros per month, including the additional line.

And if I don’t have that symmetry?

Many will receive that arrival of the symmetry with joy, since rapid rise would allow us to upload files in less time or play online with greater fluidity, but many are also those who don’t want to or don’t need that speed of ascent, which will surely rise it against the monthly pay.

Again, if our forecasts of improvement and increase in price imposed on all current users of fiber with 300 megs are met, we will face complaints from users. The operator you will need to notify their customers of price rise with at least one month’s notice, month during which these could be low of operator without penalty for permanence in tarifa. So hard would be given a choice the users do not receive the improvement or the increase in price? We will see what happens eventually.

Comparison with other symmetrical fibers

At this point touch compare new future conditions of Movistar Fusion + with fiberglass 300 megs symmetrical with other convergent rates with mobile and symmetrical fiber with unlimited calls. Remember, to be fair with the operator, Movistar just increase the gigabytes included in the mobile rate of different mergers.





Monthly fee

Movistar 300/300 Mbps Unlimited calls
3 GB
More than 70 channels 80 euros
Jazztel 200/200 Mbps Unlimited calls
2 GB
+ 12.10 euros 60.43 euros
Vodafone 300/300 Mbps Unlimited calls
3 GB
From + 6 euros 71 euros
Orange 300/300 Mbps Unlimited calls
3 GB
    + 12.95 euros
67.95 EUR

As we can see, the new offer MoviStar would a few euros more expensive than the rivals, But if we had to include television in all packets the distances would be reduced more than. But better we leave all these accounts when Movistar confirm all the symmetry conditions.