The Apple Store Online Russian Closed by The Destabilization of The Ruble

I am not an expert in macroeconomics, but it seems that Russia you have a problem. And the fat. Its currency, the ruble, is crumbling without reacting to the desperate measures that the Government of the Kremlin is taking. As a result, Apple has suspended sales of its products in that country.

A spokesperson for Apple confirmed to Bloomberg: “our Russian online store will not be available while we review prices. We apologize to our customers”. And it is to do so, because only during today the value of the ruble has fallen by 19%. It is an outrage, and while that does not stabilise, in Cupertino have decided closing the online store and decide new prices.

The question is: when will stabilize and how? Many companies are taking the money from Russia, resulting in severe consequences for its economy. Meanwhile, Russians who want to buy something from Apple in the official store they will have to go to other channels or wait. Unless they travel to other parts of the world, clear.

Meanwhile, my colleague Eduardo Achando reminds me that the dollar is gaining strength against the euro and that could mean a rise in prices in all European stores that use the single currency. You are never sure of that, but it’s been more than once. Do you remember when applications cost EUR 0.79 and 0.89 not?