The Evolution of ICloud, Brake for “Organizational Problems” in Apple

One of the main beneficiaries of the arrival of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite has been iCloud, which begins already responsible for the integral management of our photographs and serve as a directory of online with iCloud Drive storage. But according to an article in The Information, it seems that iCloud could be more advanced if it weren’t for organizational problems in Apple.

Apparently the weakness of Apple, which is that of the cloud services, still stands as reveal some employees of the company. ICloud, for example library, has much work ahead and it lacks a compatible application in OS X.

According to the source, executives and employees of Apple are contradictory in his statements

The result is that at the moment we can edit only iCloud photographs using a web browser, and a few executives from Apple that contradict each other with his subordinates saying that the advance of iCloud is on a roll.

We will have to have patience, but above all will need to be confident that Apple resolve these organizational problems that have in their teams of developers and focuses on what should be: create cloud services commensurate with the quality of your hardware and software. And all this with the Apple Watch looming, which could further complicate the issue.