The Failure of The “Do Not Disturb” Mode “Until The Next Alarm” Option Returns, Has Not Been Corrected

Last Christmas Day saw how users of the Nexus updated with Android 6.0.1 They reported that the “Do not disturb” mode “until the next alarm” function had disappeared suddenly, but we saw that if the date was delayed until December 25, or if the function was ahead beyond the January 1, 2016 returned automatically, but there has not been in bug.

The ruling has become again yesterday. The “until the next alarm” function returned to disappear yesterday, January 26 and not again appear until March 1, but at the end of March function will disappear. There is a bug which makes the function disappears at the end of each month.

By what we see Google did not correct the failure in the last security update that launched a few weeks ago with what is expected that in the OTA security of February that will come from the coming week because come corrected this bug, so we can enjoy the option “until the next alarm” every day of the month.