The Hunting of Applications That Misuse “Widgets” Continues, Drafts at Sight

Apple still does not realise how you want widgets for your Center notifications, since first approves them, and then deletes them, Alternatively, notifies developers that something in the application is wrong and they should correct it if you do not want that the next update will be rejected in addition to the current could also be removed from the App Store.

This has brought complaints and bad reviews both users and developers, from whom their annoyance is that Apple has never been clear with the rules applicable to the widgets, and it is not the first time, we saw the case of Neato, PCalc and Launcher, who now joins Drafts 4.

My House, my rules

For those who do not know Drafts, is one of the applications complete for those who do drafts or notes in any place or situation, in addition to that has a series of functions for writers or journalists comes from Marvel, with Markdown support and be able to move the draft to other services to continue on another occasion , even we have already spoken to her, but now with the release of iOS 8, its developers wanted to go even further and added a widget to have to reach many of the features of the application, making it more dynamic and useful.

Among these functions found buttons throwing functions of the application, which did not at Apple and they have decided to inform the creator of Drafts that you must remove those buttons on the widget or your application will be withdrawn in the next few days, so gave it to know Greg Pierce, Drafts 4 Developer.

To clarify, Apple didn ‘ t say buttons were verboten, but buttons that took you to the widget ‘ s containing app to process / complete task.

— Greg Pierce (@agiletortoise) December 3, 2014

The problem is that Apple “apparently” not allow that Since the widget open features in applications, I say “apparently” because let us take the example of Evernote and your widget, where we have access to shortcuts and save notes, taking pictures, among other things, but all these functions open the application, something which also makes Drafts then do Apple?.

As I commented at the time, Apple has not set clear rules and that has caused you problems like these, and is that how it is possible that Drafts make functions similar to Evernote as for widgets and the latter keep running without any problems or notice so they modified it.

Of course Apple has the last word and while not set clear rules and in writing, We will continue seeing as developers launch applications that do not comply with the measures of Apple, measures that only Apple knows and often fall into the realm of subjectivity.