The Nexus 7, Picot for The Affordable Tablets That Should Change Strategy

We have long expected the Nexus 7 from that came the first rumors of this gadget that is being a success. Stores cannot meet requests that are coming constantly, even in the Google Play Store already is accumulating delays of several weeks to send them, making one of the most loved gadgets of the last years.

And no wonder, since 3 Tegra processor and 8GB of internal storage at a price of 200 dollars without taxes (€199 when you arrive in Spain) as well as balance on Google Play $25 It is one of the best deals we can find. However this will leave in the lurch to a particular sector of the market, and is low-cost of the tablet.

Dozens of brands have been an economic and effective way to give software to their tablets because Google does not charge for the use and modification of the software, even if patents are an issue separate on Android. I personally have been able to prove tablets of this kind, namely of the manufacturers Woxter and Wolder, each one with its pluses and minuses.

Those tablet in question cost around 120 and respectively, which makes 80 euros indicated for less affluent income who want to be a freak, but for someone who knows technology and is more affluent is not. To double the price gets much better capabilities at a cost acceptable to whoever seeks technological quality.

How can is let Google sell at almost cost price? Because It focuses not only on the sale of the tablet, but looking for the long term. If someone buys a good tablet low price will be more inclined to spend in the Play Store, not only what has been saved, but much more of this, which are long-term benefits.

However the small manufacturers cannot afford it, they may not have an app store only for their tablets to lower the price and wait for the long term. The most that can be made is now try to compete on the big screens priced slightly higher but still affordable, since if someone does not support the seven-inch you pay a little more for one greater screen.

No doubt many small manufacturers which can do is lower prices to almost the minimum and focus on emerging markets, as it is done with the Aakash and Aakash 2. No doubt the Nexus 7 will do great damage to this market that it will be very difficult to survive in the long term.