The Samsung Galaxy Camera Comes to Telstra from 459 Euros

A couple of weeks to Samsung pulled the House out the window with an event with the presence of the magician Jorge Blas-oriented channels to present their hybrid between camera and smartphone, your Samsung Galaxy Camera.

We already knew date, November 29, arrival at the shelves of shops of photography, and some of telephony probably too, but thanks to its connection to Internet via 3G It was hoped that also arrived at the catalogue of some operator, the first being Telstra.

From next Monday 10 Telstra will offer its customers make portability from contract to contract to acquire the Galaxy Camera by 99 euros in payment more 24 15 euros fees, making a total of 459 euros.

40 euros of grant, since the price of the camera/smartphone has an approximate free price of 499 euros. In any of the ways must be taken into account to purchase signed a commitment to stay of 24 months.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera features with Android 4.1, a touchscreen of 4.8 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, 16 Gb of internal memory, sensor CMOS of 16.3 megapixel, optical 21 x and 3G connectivity It allows to share photos taken from the camera.